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2600forlife3 karma

How do you decide when to make a holding call on the OL when it happens EVERY play? Do you look for spots to really screw one team or the other over, or do you just call them randomly when you want to amuse yourself?

2600forlife3 karma

What if it's on the back side of the play, but it prevents the rusher from getting an obvious sack? I take it that would fall into category #2?

At least you have some criteria, I swear that in the NFL, it just seems like they let the O-Linemen hold constantly, and then throw a flag every once in a while without any discernible pattern! Interesting AMA. Good luck getting to the next level.

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You drive a '72 KW still? Holy shit, how many mile does that thing have on it officially now (yes, I know it's probably had it's engine rebuilt 100 times by now, but still)? I drove OTR for several years starting in the mid 80's, and those things were crap then. Oh well, at least it isn't a cab over! Stay safe out there.