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He started flying late in the war about 1943. He started his training and he only went onto operations in about the middle of '44. So the flying he did was escort duties for the massive bombing groups that were raiding Germany at the time. I don't believe he saw many German planes due to the fact we were winning the war.

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He did not make it to the final prison he was being transported to. He was on one of the transport trains. A train pulling lots of cattle wagons with lots of prisoners in them. He and 10 other men formed an escape party and managed to remove the bolts holding the floor of the train down. At a stop close to the prison they lifted the floor and made their escape. He and two others were the only ones to survive the initial escape.

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He returned to Europe as a SOE agent and when the Nazis attacked Russia everyone headed East to avoid the invading Nazis. After a lot of moving about he ended up in the middle east to meet up with the Allies that were there.

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But to be honest typing all that would be far to heavy handed for an AMA. Just using Russians to mean the Russian army.

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I don't honestly know. He never talked about the war to me. All I know about his war time experience I read after he died. He does not say he regrets anything in his memoirs.