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Why the fuck did you even put your name in the title? You think people know a loser like you? You’re a fucking nobody lmao. Call me when you clear 50k a month after taxes.

You’re a weak beta male who thinks he did some righteous shit by walking out of a park office, and then you posted to the internet. Holy shit, there really is no saving you, you’re fucked hahaha

I hope the virus fucks you up your ass, but you would probably like the feeling

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You fucking soy pussy. There’s min wage workers in grocery stores packed full of people working hard, you can’t stand outside in a fucking park? I wish we lived back in the day where soy beta losers like you would be punished. Instead you have “protections” and these loser reddit people who work office jobs cheering you on.

You’re a fucking disgusting human being and should never be referred to as a man ever again. Get back out to the field bitch.