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As far as I have read there is absolutely no research that can positively identify any harmful effects of eating GMO food.

How do you justify to the taxpayer the time and money spent on this GMO labeling bill when it is completely unsupported by the science?

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Are you concerned that being in shows titled like "Colorado Pot Rush" you are helping to sensationalize and trivialize the legalization movement?

In my (small, inconsequential) view legalization should not be a big deal. It should be done to prioritize law enforcement resources, increase tax revenue and improve the quality of 'justice' within the justice system. Not "OMG, I can buy BROWNIES!!!!"

And yes, I occasionally smoke cannabis and believe it should be legal for selfish (and motherfuckin' medical) reasons too.

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Did you get much of a chance to observe medicine? Did the methods of medicine change during the war?

What was the moment when you felt you did the most good?

How would you describe your treatment of atheists? Were there many? Were they ostracized or did you keep their beliefs confidential?