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Did you ever feel unsafe? Did you ever get hassled by the cops? How did you transition back to "regular" life afterward?

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No question, just a fellow endo sufferer here. Keep fighting!

For me I was basically asymptomatic until after my surgery and that's when all the chronic pain and nonsense began. I went through Lupron, physical therapy, nerve block shots in my abdomen, hips, and back, a ton of different pain meds that did nothing... Currently on continuous birth control with lots of annoying breakthrough bleeding. It's been 3 years since my surgery and no new cysts so far, but the pain persists. I don't really have any advice to give, just know that I feel your pain and agree that this disease sucks, but the good days are worth it. :)

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There is a lot more to college counseling than the college essay. What makes you as qualified as the Counselors in high schools who have Masters in Counseling and are certified/credentialed to do this work?

For students who are looking for help on the college application process, don't overlook the Counselors or College Counselors at your schools. Also, often there are interns, who are Counselors-in-training, who have more time to dedicate to you. Consider the source of the information you are looking at and if you have to buy a product or pay for a service to receive "help" or information.