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Mom of 4 here. I've been at home for almost 7 years taking care of children full time. I'm aware that this time is traditionally not the most ideal mentally for the stay at home parent. The problem that I am having is regulating my emotions on the days when I am overwhelmed with kids 24/7, homeschooling and zero time for myself.

Before coronavirus my 2 oldest were in school, leaving me with the 2 toddlers which I could easily manage. I was even able to workout a few times a week. No more. Now it's 24/7 and most days I'm okay with that. There are days, however, when I do not want to do it, at all. Is there any CBT that I can practice to help me on these days? Usually those negative days devolve into utter chaos leaving me drained beyond belief then I feel guilty about not being a quality parent for my kids.

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Congratulations on the sleeping baby! Those are the days. Seems like mine hardly sleep these days. They do but with 4 it's almost never at the same time (teething, nightmare, ADHD kiddo, etc.). The struggle is real!

I really appreciate this information! I have the presence of mind to know when I need a 20 second breather. My frustration is rooted in my inability to go with the flow. I'm old hat but I still get very frustrated. The homeschooling doesn't help. I just finished my degree in December after 5 years of full time coursework, now it's back to school. CBT works and I will be utilizing this on my hard days.

On a side note, before kids I completed yoga teacher training during another difficult time in my life. It comes in handy when I am present enough to use the teachings. Some of the kids are receptive to yoga which is encouraging.

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I'm 36 and almost finished with my undergraduate in accounting and financial management. I chose this degree because of past experience and a genuine need to work in a telecommute capacity. I have been a stay at home mom pursuing my degree since 2014. I recently found out my husband and I are expecting another child (unexpectedly) which is altering my previous plan, delaying more so. Would you suggest I continue my education to gain CPA credentials or look for some part time work experience after I receive my degree? I can only do one with my family obligations.