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Wait, you watched the South Park episode with your dad? What was his verbal reaction to it? I'm really curious to see what other scientologists reactions you know are to that episode, because it seems to be the most public lambasting of that particular scientologist belief that I know of

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Whats a detail that seems to be unknown to the average viewer who is following this case, but is haunting enough that it makes you wonder why no one is bringing it up more?

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By no means am I in disbelief of what you've said, but what benefit does Epstein's Mossad handler get from revealing himself as his handler?

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Very good answer! I'm enthralled by this thread and thank you for coming here to answer questions, both of you.

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Who do you believe Epstein was working for? I hear a lot of people say the Mossad, and some say CIA. Who is it you believe and why?