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What is your opinion on the plethora of "Bobby Flay vs _______" shows? In your experience, is this a "network thing" or a "personality thing" that Bobby has going on?

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I am preserving my son's cord blood as an insurance policy against future diseases that his stem cells may help cure. At least, that's the marketing that sold us on the service.

If my son were to contract something terminal that stem cell therapy has been proven to thwart (much, much later in the future), would it matter if using his cord blood in the treatment, compared to stem cells not harvested using his cord blood?

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What is the slowest day of the week, and the busiest day of the week?

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Note that presumption is a legal term - any parent is preemptively fit until proven otherwise.

Exactly why this really pisses me off:

Practically speaking, dads get screwed a lot

If the presumption is that any parent is fit until proven otherwise, it seems to me that in the case that there is evidence of an unfit parent, the other would, by default, receive the child. I can imagine just how messy everything is, but I am constantly amazed at the double-standards on display in our legal system.

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Have you ever handled a case where the parents were seperated, and one was clearly "fit" but the child still went into the system? If so, could you explain why that might happen?