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Speaking of detecting toupees, does Donald Trump wear a toupee or is it his natural hair?

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I love your wholesome anger.

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this product because Romeo and Juliet's relationship was set to "expire" from the start.

I get why you called the app Juliet with the timer thing, but as the guy above said, calling your app Juliet makes me think any relation I could form through the app is doomed to end quickly and painfully, that's not a really good association. It's like naming your new cruise ship Titanic, your new space rocket Challenger or your new plane Icarus.

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I'm not a scientist so these are going to be some very basic questions, sorry.

So you said you found IgE in mice protects them against the developpement of skin cancer and now you're going to investigate if the same is true in humans. How long does that process take? How long did you take to make this discovery in mice and how long do you think it will take you to verify that hypothesis in humans? And if it is true, what will be your next steps?

Also, you said that the protein IL-13 helps protect skin cancer initiation. Does that mean there is a way to get this protein naturally and thus to help protect ourselves against skin cancer? This remind me of when people say "X food is good at preventing Y cancer", how much of it is true? Is it scientifically proven that some food can reduce the risk of cancer? And how effective is it?


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Thanks for doing the AMA.

Does that mean you compete against men? Do your competitors (or the world of rally in general) treat you differently because you're a woman?

And what's your favourite French rally as a driver?