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I've been hearing a lot of people recently have been getting their student loans forgiven under the pretense that their college Lied to them or mislead them on how successful they would be after receiving their degree from them. How would one go about getting their loans forgiven and is it something worth checking into?

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Ahh, so the school has to have closed for this to be an acceptable argument for loan forgiveness? I was promised a job via job placement after I graduated from Baker College. The school is not closed, but no attempt was ever made to help me find a job, nor was a job available like the counselor promised me there would be when I originally signed up for the program. Basically from what I'm gathering I'm just SOL?

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You can actually file for hardship, or like I even had at one point, I made so little that my repayments were literally $0. Not sure if this works for everyone, they will ask you questions about your income and go from there

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Looks like you were....semi right.

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Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all these questions!