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It’s really too much to type but the easiest/simplest way I can describe my feelings are you witness the first hand effects of globalization and the global economic hierarchy in its truest form. Many African nations are easily capable of being world superpowers but predatory trade practice, deep rooted corruption (spurred by that practice), and the long lasting effects of colonization have truly reeked havoc on these young nations struggling to create a stable government. Many of the troops I trained and worked with didn’t even have shoes and a lot of them didn’t have their own firearms, yet they were expected to go and fight boko haram/ISIS-West Africa/ Al-Shabaab while their officers commanded from their air conditioned Mercedes Benzes. It was an extremely different dynamic than that of Afghanistan. It made me feel embarrassed that part of the reason for this dynamic was due to global superpowers and their extortion of vulnerable 3rd world countries trying to establish themselves. Russia and China are very much big role players in this, as well as Great Britain and France. It opened my eyes to the realities of the world and why we have the luxuries we have. it’s because we’re raping others in the form of labor, free trade, and under the table bribery. After I got out of the military it took me a long time to be able to digest everything I experienced in my multiple trips, and ever since, I’ve always wanted to return and do something that REALLY impacted the lives there.

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How would a veteran, with experience working in Africa while attached to group, get into this field?

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I just miss the work, my time in Africa changed my life and my whole perspective of the world in general. Thank you for your reply, stay safe out there

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Not to mention when GB and France gave these nations their “freedom” they didn’t clear the national debt THEY accrued and end up charging them ridiculous interest on unpayable loans with stupid trade clauses forcing them into import economies rather than export

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Wish I could give a more thorough answer but I’d end up writing a book lol. Thanks for asking