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I had this problem as well when I was in the hospital. The nurses all had to do things a certain way, and when my catheter got stuck on the last day (most painful thing I've ever experienced) it took 2 hours of me crying and screaming for them to give me some morphine so they could take it out.

I think a lot of it comes from them being worried that if they do even one thing slightly not by the books, and something for wrong, even a little bit, they could lose their jobs, as probably be sued as well.

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i became very depressed and just gave up on trying to be cheery.

I had a bone condition in middle school, and while it was no where near as serious as cancer, i definitely have an idea how you felt. There would be days where I would just cry my eyes out for a solid hour, then go back to "life as usual."

I know what you mean, just wanting it to leave, I wanted nothing more than to simply walk (I was in a wheelchair), much less run or do some kind of sport.

People like you inspire me and countless others, stay happy, friend :)

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I had cancer as an infant (obviously don't remember) but I still have to go in for a check up annually.

I also had a bone condition (probably unrelated) in middle school, and I saw what it did to my parents (everything's good now though), and I imagine it was 10x worse with me as a baby.

How did your parents react? Mine definitely took my bone issue well, and I think it made my whole family stronger, but I've also seen a serious illness cause major issues.

Keep up the fight man, and if you're ever in the Round Rock, TX (30 minutes north of Austin) let me know. :)

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Every comment of yours I read, I feel like I can relate at least a little bit.

When I had a bone condition in middle school, I had to leave school to undergo surgery/ recovery, and only my closest friends (and I mean the guys I'd known since before kindergarten) still hung out with me, and they lived only a few blocks away.