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Donde está la biblioteca?

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Why are the UPS store computers still running Windows XP?

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What do you think is at the core of McDonald's problems (massive sales losses and store closings) lately?

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Wow - you are the PERFECT person to ask this to...

Okay, so McDonald's closed like 900 stores about 60 days ago. They are losing money, or at least having a HUGE decline in sales. What do you think is going on?

Is it the food quality? The service? What has happened? Have they cut so many corners that everything is suffering overall?

I used to like McDonald's. Now I think the food is just barely edible. There are SO_MANY other great choices out there that will offer a LOT more for my money that I would rather give my business to.

And thanks for doing this AMA. You have a VERY unique perspective on this.

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The UPS Stores pay a LOT of money to Microsoft to support XP for them... you would think that they could get off of it.