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  1. Why hasn't the MicroSD / High CPU issue existing on the Surface Pro 2 since launch been fixed yet? (specifics of the issue: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfpro2-surfupdate/surface-pro-2-high-cpu-on-resume-from-sleep/ebc0ad3d-c9ed-44c1-b6d0-a19335a4e223 )

  2. Will there be a trade-in program that gives a more generous value than the existing programs for Surface Pro 2 owners that would like to go up to 3.

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Thank you for your response after the AMA. I really appreciate it. Also really am looking forward to the MicroSD fix. I do love my Surface Pro 2. When I'm not doing development in the office.. my laptop collects dust since I just use my Pro 2.. even for dev.