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Wow! This is the last thing I expected to see on here today.

Thanks for over a decade of wonderfulness with MST3K! You guys (along with Mel Brooks and the Monty Python boys) helped to shape my sense of humor into what it is today. I used to love riffing on the speakers at assemblies and pep rallies during high school and college in hopes that it would be as awesome as your material. My main reason for getting Netflix was the fact that there are so many MST3K episodes on instant play.

Some questions:

  • How did you tape the episodes? Was is one shot through the whole movie watching process? I've never understood how you were able to remember all of the trigger points for the jokes without missing any or making it appear as if it was edited. The physical movements of all of your characters always matched up perfectly with the audio.

  • While working on MST3K, did you ever wish you could get into more R-rated material? There are limits to what can be shown on basic television (even more so in the 80s and 90s) so you must have missed out on some real gems.

  • Did you ever want to do an episode that would have been completely inappropriate and in bad taste just to push the envelope? Possibly something along the lines of Philadelphia or something of that nature. A movie that is meant to be dramatic and emotional but instead you would make light of the seriousness of the film's content?

  • Has writing for / starring in MST3K ruined movies for you? Are you able to watch a movie for the sake of watching a movie or are you doomed to always riff on it?

  • Have you ever thought of riffing on a live play? You would essentially be part of the play, but the plot of the play wouldn't be custom tailored to your riffing. Say a Hamlet on Broadway with you guys doing your thing into microphones. Something sort of along the lines of the insanity of seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show live. That's always a hoot.

Thanks for all the laughs and thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. This is why we all love you.

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Run away!

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I like that JPS means Jokes Per Minute. Give this man a cookie!