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God can let anyone into Heaven. We just know that our way is the easiest and most sure.

Buddhist here. This is a message you rarely hear from any faith or practice. You my kind friend have just altered my point of view towards the Catholic church (well at least given me cautious optimism that the Church feels this way).

Can you elaborate on this?

Also, I've heard that priests practice a different set of practices than lay-folk. I.e.: different prayers or meditations or rituals. Is this true, and something you're allowed to talk about?

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Do people tell you that you talk loud? I had a friend who's a CODA and my god I could hear him from the next state. I always wondered if this was a common thing.

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How was the tip paid? i.e.: Cash? Check? Added on to a bill like in a restaurant? For that matter, how does the whole payment (non-tip and top) work?