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A Ron Howard AMA without any Arrested Development answers is like an episode of Arrested Development without Ron Howard..

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How do you feel that the move from chiptunes of earlier games (Treasure Hunter G) to full orchestration (FF XII, etc.) affected your composition? What was your preferred time of composition?

Also, just wanted to say I LOVE Hemoglobin 40.2, from 2197. :)

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What's the most vivid dream/nightmare you've ever had?

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How in the world did you score Final Fantasy XII? After the majority of the creative team of Square Enix left for Mistwalker, YOU got chosen to score the next main Final Fantasy game, to follow Nobuo Uematsu's 10 games and 20 years. How much pressure was on that soundtrack, and was there anything you did to prepare to join the Final Fantasy Composer team?

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Do you ever listen to your own/other video game composer's music for fun or inspiration? If so, which ones in particular?