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How did you find out about your disability? Was there a sudden revelation that ahh, I'm not like others.

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So far Gemalto is claiming SIMs are still secure. http://www.cnet.com/news/sim-card-maker-gemalto-says-its-cards-are-secure-despite-hack/

Not believing them at this point. Theoretically I would believe them if they had found some traces of an intrusion and had figured out that it would not have allowed access to private keys. But based on just their claims of security, not buying it yet.

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Which rotational axis? Yaw is probably not an issue for surgery, but heavy seas causes both pitching and rolling as I understand it?

I'm squarely a land dweller so maybe there's something that's obvious to sea goers here.

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Suing ensues!

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How long did you spend writing it? And would an extra year made it really much better?