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Get an agent. You're eloquent, charismatic, passionate, and already have a following. Just imagine the impact you could have popularizing climate change science (for instance).

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This seems like a bait and switch. While there's a Venn diagram, internet trolls aren't necessarily racists, misogynists, and islamophobes. And vice versa.

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Wall Street guy here (I'm a sell-side analyst). I'd like to ask more about how financial services operates in the Ukraine.

  1. Do you guys have hedge funds and is the 2/20 fee structure common?

  2. How does due diligence differ in Ukraine than in developed economies?

  3. Did you see capital flight from Ukraine and/or Crimea before the conflict that might suggest some people knew this was coming?

  4. Would you consider relocating to continue working in finance?

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Thanks, and good luck! I must admit I'm a little jealous--working on Wall Street in 2014 often feels like you've arrived to a party that ended hours ago.

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Prof. Bales,

Thanks for doing this AMA.

I'm an expat living in Thailand and, as you can imagine, there is quite a bit of human trafficking, slavery, and so on here. I feel I have an ethical obligation to help, but there are roadblocks.

The biggest perhaps is that when a foreigner reports a crime in Thailand he often becomes the mark for the police. This is partly due to the high level of corruption in Thailand, the perception that foreigners are wealthy, and the extremely arbitrariness of the legal system here.

I have seen and heard of awful things in this country (most recently, a mother stood on the top of a flagpole to get nationwide attention after her 14yr old daughter was raped by a local policeman whose police force did nothing when she reported it). I do not know what to do that won't put myself in danger. Are there NGOs that I can report things to that will maybe be in a better position to help?