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Do you have any examples of public statements by BLM advocating against looting at protests, and advocating for protesters to stop others from looting, outside of posts on this AMA?

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Has BLM put out a public statement urging protesters to not loot and riot, and prevent others from looting at protests? Or is this just an attempt to appease the reddit crowd since your last response trying to downplay the negativity of looting was downvoted into oblivion?

Are you taking action to stop the "bad apples" of the protest?

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That's not exactly what he asked though. He asked about lies by omission, which means stating something but omitting key information.

For example:

"Cop shoots man who had not even touched him"

Would be misinformation by omission if that man was say, charging the cop with a knife or pointing a gun at the cop. It paints a different picture from the reality of what happened without directly lying about what happened.

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Given that five of the first ten articles your organization posted in its news section are direct hit pieces on Trump just by the titles, why do you expect people to believe your organisation is non-partisan?

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Exactly, that's one of the incidents that I had in mind when I wrote it.