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DUDE! That must have been so embarrassing. Congrats on your deal with Cuban! I wish you guys had been around when I first started and subsequently dropped out of college.

Other than Shark Tank, what is your marketing strategy going to be from here on out? OTher companies in the market, like Chegg, seem to have a good grip on students, how do you plan to inform them that they might benefit from your product over renting a book for a whole semster? Seems like a lot of education of the demographic that might have to go on here.

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Good point! I like that you're utilizing students as a marketing team of sorts, that's an excellent idea and definitely shows that you're committed to the students! Record companies are keen on that brand ambassador program as well (I was a music major for a while, so in my internship I saw a lot of college kids working for labels as brand ambassadors) and it seems to work really well! Word of mouth works really well in this market, college students are all over Facebook and Twitter with EVERY aspect of their lives, so I feel you're on the right track. Good luck! Have fun! MAKE MONEY!!

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Are you at all worried about exposing something like this, in terms of potential repercussions?

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Production and Engineering. My portfolio is at www.soundcloud.com/10miles and is comprised of works from my personal project 10 Miles. I was an intern at Sanctum Sound also known as Serenity East in Boston, which has hosted clients ranging from U2 and Godsmack to T-Pain and Justin Beiber. I was the only non-Berkley College of Music educated intern allowed to work on a project for the owner of the studios (Serenity East and West, Boston; Los Angeles respectively) and I am currently doing pre-production for the aforementioned project that has ties to the owner of the studio to refine composition and lyrics so as to make transition from rehearsal to studio much easier for the client. I also freelance for local bands, and work as a solo artist. I have 10 years of experience in Production and Engineering, and am a multi-instrumentalist.

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If you guys are ever in need of audio work, I'm you're guy! (Insert other senseless Reddit self-plugging here)