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I know a LOT of people who around mid Jan to mid Feb had “flu” but with exceptional levels of pneumonia way beyond what flu is “supposed to” bring.

How likely is it that many people have already had this and don’t know it and that there is likely a portion of the population walking around who can’t be reinfected? I feel like if this possibility exists, it needs to be looked at.

Thank you.

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Yes I’ve seen that too. And on the other hand seen that they think it could be an early misunderstanding of “exit testing” meaning that people are remaining infectious longer than previously thought, so I wonder where our knowledge on this is now. It’s interesting.

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Merry Christmas! Will you have family nearby to keep you company? If you’re allowed to eat normally at that point, I hope they bring you som Christmas treats.

If you like jigsaw puzzles, have someone bring you a couple to help pass the time.

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Upvote for the Henry Rollins reference.