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Why do you think it's so hard for people to discuss the issue of human overpopulation? David Attenborough has brought this up many times in his talks.

Essentially, every additional human won't simply live inside their parents' land-footprint forever; they will venture out into the world, demanding new schools, new hospitals, new products, and new places to live. Where will this land and these resources come from? How long can the planet sustain this trend? How long can the planet even sustain the current number of humans alive right now?

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If I may, "early humans" historically didn't number close to 8 billion people either.

And didn't we only reach this high of a number precisely by over-exploiting the planet's resources? In other words, if everyone on the planet were still living as hunter-gatherers, then there wouldn't be 8 billion of us right now.

Why do people who are concerned about environmental sustainability always seem to side-step discussing this totally-obvious root cause?

And note: Saying "There are too many humans" is not the same as saying "We need to commit genocide". There are other ways to reduce human numbers, starting with simply talking about the issue with other people.

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Richard, have you considered officially adding Krauss to the 4 horseman to replace Hitchens?

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Hi Bill, I clicked on your petition link but it asks for a zip code, and I live in Canada. What can people outside of the USA do to help?

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Oh man, get a load of this guy who thinks humans will still be here 500 years from now! 🤣