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How bad of a storm have you had to weather out at sea?

Like worse or not worse than something like this.

Also, huge nope from me on that video. 107% nope.

Also, any awesome cruise "Life Pro Tips" you wanna slip us?
Getting the most bang for your buck?
Enjoyable things that some might miss on a cruise?

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IDK where you live, but mailing a postcard definitely doesn't cost $3.
It doesn't cost $2.
Or even $1...

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I just want to point out that /u/QuarantinePenPalJeff pretty much didn't answer ANY questions. At least not in the top 20.


Users beware.

Oh, I gotta have a question with this, too.

Why are you trying to make money off of a pandemic?
You're also encouraging the spread of a virus.
If you really wanted to make a penpal setup, you should've done it digitally.

(I don't expect you to answer this. I just need to have a question and this is a valid one.)

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Over a thousand people upvoted this.

Well, on that metric alone OP should invest heavily into this...

but your opinion means dick

You don't understand the irony of giving me YOUR opinion and then telling me mine means dick?

I'm gonna let you think about that for a hot minute.

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Why have I never heard of you?