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I've heard that Pluto's atmosphere was discovered after occultations of the dwarf planet across a star. Has anything similar been found on Charon? How likely is it that Charon has an atmosphere too?

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The most recent hubble observations of Pluto's moons indicate that Kerberos is very different to the other moons. While Nix and Hydra are bright with relatively high albedos, Kerberos is almost pitch black for some reason. And Kerberos isn't in resonance with any of the other moons.

Could it be possible that Kerberos is a captured object? Or does the mechanics of Pluto's tightly packed moon system make this impossible?

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If you could clone curiosity and have a second identical rover, like Spirit/Opportunity, where on Mars would you put it?

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Congratulations on your successful kick starter! It's amazing that you don't need a space agency any more to land on the Moon, just public generosity.

Have you cooperated with any of the other private teams aiming to land on the Moon, like the other Lunar X prize competitors? Or Moonspike?

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How confidant are you that Planet Nine is real? If you had to put a percentage on it?