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So my mother is gluten intolerant, and she always asks up front about that sort of thing. The way she sees it, it’s better to just get it out of the way first, rather than maybe make a waiter change the meal or exchange it later. I think your friends would be understanding, especially with your condition being as serious as it is!

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Yeah that’s kinda how it is with most food. Honestly, meat is good, but if you eat a lot of it it gets tiring just like anything else.

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That’s true. Have you ever tried a Beyond Burger? It’s a plant-based burger that has no meat in it. I personally haven’t, but others have said it tastes very similar to a regular burger patty. It’s pretty pricey, but could serve to let you try it.

Edit: As 4 of you have pointed out, these have a lot of protein in them as well, so not a good choice. I get it. You can stop replying to tell me that now.

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So if you’re curious as to how it tastes, could you try a bite, chew it up and taste it, then spit it out? Or would that be bad too?

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Probably not, that’s true