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There are literally dozens of them!

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Like a blinding white Gallagher.

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Can you turn off the power to Steve's house? He lives in Essex. It would be hilarious!

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That's entirely false, immigration laws everywhere, including the United States, are a pretty new construct historically that arose over the past century (unless you want to count the banning of Jews from various countries through history). Most of the last immigration waves to America just hopped a boat and came over, and when the laws did come into place, they were mostly eugenics-style bans on the mentally and physically infirm or flat restrictions on the Chinese. It's is debatable our country would have ever risen to the global status it has without unfettered immigration.

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Have you come up with names for your future brews related to your service? I'd love to try, say, a "Tripwire Trippel".