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How can restaurants cut down on fresh produce waste? What are some uses for produce off cuts and leaf products that are no longer considered fresh enough for their intended use.

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Thank you for your insightful response. I supply specialty produce to restaurants and am also passionate about reducing food waste. It breaks my heart when I see my customers wasting my products but continue to order full volumes every week. Not only because I can't stand waste but also because I put so much love and care into growing the produce.

I plant specifically for each of my customers requirements and grow for them individually in an effort to produce zero waste. It is a very difficult business model to uphold and makes bringing in new customers challenging.

Imagine you called me to order 20kgs of candy stripe beet and I respond by saying that I'll plant that right away and deliver your order in 6weeks time lol.

That being said I supply to 50 of the top restaurants (many highly respected with several prestigious awards) in my area. I work closely with my customers and we plan their menus atleast one season in advance.

Thank you for sharing the video I will be sending it to all of my customers and will post it on my social media accounts.

If you would like to know more about the "sustainable planting" techniques that I incorporate I would be happy to oblige.