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000phaedon1 karma

Hi Mike! All of the excerpts I've read of your book are SO JUICY — I've ordered your book and am looking forward to ripping through it this weekend.

I am curious what you think of the tension between Uber and public transit? In their IPO filing, Uber mentioned that they viewed public transit as "competition", but after public outcry they redacted that section. As Uber comes into the gunsights of city regulators (for various reasons: their impact on city traffic, dubious labour practices, withholding API access to third-party developers, etc.) do you see Uber actually deepening its commitment to public transit, or do you think they're blowing smoke up the ass of cities? I've noticed more local politicians being publically skeptical of Uber's intentions with respect to solving traffic — do you think this has contributed to cities looking to partner with less "car-reliant" mobility companies, like Lime and Bird, or mobility aggregators like Citymapper and the Transit app?