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Can you 'feel' when you're 2km underground by changes in pressure, temperature, etc.? Or does it just feel like being indoors on the surface?

..Does the huge long lift ride ever make you feel like you're actually loading a new area, in a computer game..?

What particle interactions might allow us to observe dark matter? Something neutrino-ey (hence being underground)?

What proportion of dark matter theory is empirically testable? If any stuff isn't testable, is that just because we haven't built the right sort of detectors (or whatever!) yet, or is it untestable even in principle?

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"Finding meaning in our unlikely world": do you think that there is meaning, pre-existing, out there in the world, and that when people experience meaning they are in some sense "discovering" it? Or is this more like a metaphor, and the meaning is actually within the people doing the experiencing?

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Thanks very much for your answer - and for an interesting perspective.

(I think you're almost-certainly entirely right - but given just how little we know about the wider universe I also wouldn't expect us to have found any compelling evidence, even if it were to be out there!)