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To conduct an autopsy on a relative of friend seems like that would lead to some serious depersonalization/dissociation issues that may never go away.

Definitely makes sense

Edit: This does make me genuinely concerned though as to what effect this has on the family. I believe OP said that some families actually watch. While watching online may not trigger the same psychological response as watching in person, I wonder if they suffer any long term effects.

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It pisses me off that the OP can not respond to any valid questions or arguments against his beliefs, this is supposed to be /r/iAMA where you ask anything.

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You must have some crazy stories, could you share a few?

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How long is the lifespan of a chicken before they are killed, is it also true that they are beaten as shown in some documentaries?

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Did you ever doubt you would live or find a donor? I have heard many stories of people waiting years for donors and some of them sadly passing.