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For some reason his expression reminds me of Sam Eagle...

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The epipen had its priced jack specifically because their competition vanished. There are several companies trying to get alternate injectors out there, but they've been blocked by the FDA. So my guess is that changing the regulation around approval, and speeding up the process, would help here.

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We have one, called the Earth Similarity Index. Venus is 0.444, Mars is 0.797.

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Hi Bill! Thanks for doing this, and also great job on the debate back in February, that was incredible to watch.

I watched the Storytelling of Science event at ASU on Youtube a while back, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever watched in lecture form. It was so exciting having all of you together in one place. Also watching Brian G get scared and run away from Neil was hilarious. Can we expect another gathering of this sort to happen again in the future? Also, I'm curious to know if you have close friendships with any of the other brilliant minds on that stage. Are you all best buds? Do you go out for drinks and movies and such?

More on topic (I wrote this in advance so I'm just assuming you're here to promote the new book) are you optimistic about the future of science literacy in the US? Polls are consistently showing an overall decline in religiosity, especially among young people. How long do you think it will be before the American public views evolution as obvious as something like heliocentrism, and creationists can no longer be proud of their ignorance, especially in politics? I certainly expect it in my lifetime (I'm 27) but the wait could be unbearable. What are some ways we can all help speed this up?

P.S. I think you and Alton Brown should open a bow tie store together. You could even expand and sell Neil's awesome space vests.