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Given the inherent structural inequalities and contradictions of capitalism, do you think that opening up a new market where only the already extremely wealthy can compete will exacerbate wealth inequality even more so than at present, and present the new challenge of a break away civilization that can afford to leave the rest of us behind on a burning planet while it's remaining resources are harvested to provide for survival of the most wealthy and exploitative humans alive today, in the most inhabitable conditions imaginable?

If not, how do you see a space faring civilisation in the current sociopathic economic paradigm not becoming an interstellar feudal society in which people like Elon Musk have more direct control over the lives of individuals in space than their Earthbound governments or individual human rights should provide for?

Beyond the thrill of adventure and exploration of the unknown, why should anyone in their right mind take the risk of going to space if there are no meaningful democratic structures in place to guarantee they won't simply become wage slaves in zero gravity?

Finally, the track records of major corporations explicitly interested in the acquisition of natural resources are not great when it comes to transparency, long term sustainability, crimes against nature and humanity, and most recently Elon Musk openly admitted to being the beneficiary directly or indirectly of a coup in Bolivia, saying quote "we will coup whoever we want, deal with it." What logical basis is there for assuming corporations will not commit egregious crimes against the natural world and each other in space if they are seemingly incapable of ceasing to do so on Earth?