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I like your dedication! :)

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Ah yes, the syringe effect. We're hoping for a full-scale pod speed of 700-800 mph IIRC. The half scale pod should reach a few hundred mph if all goes according to plan, but only time will tell!

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You're an inspiration and a hero! How has visiting the moon affected your social life? Do you ever use the fact that you visited another celestial body to get free drinks or intimidate your adversaries? Specifically, have you ever used the tyrannical pun: "I WENT TO THE MOON, NEIL BEFORE ME!"?

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Definitely a major design consideration for the track itself. rLoop has been focused on the pod design, so we haven't done a ton of research into the earthquake scenario (yet).

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Hyperloop would be ideal for commuting distances which are too long to comfortable drive, but too short to conveniently fly. It could theoretically shrink the world, for instance by making it a half-hour trip from LA to SF.