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Sir Ian, with your expansive filmography, is there any place in the world that you would still like to visit that you haven't already?

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What were some of your favorite memories of being part of the Star War prequels?

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Hi Ron! Knowing that you have one of the most unique perspectives of the world as a result of living in space and whatnot, how would you say your ideals and values changed?

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Hi DeStorm! I'm a huge fan of yours, especially your vines.

How do you organize/collaborate with other famous Youtubers/Viners? Is it as simple as calling them up and asking them if they would like to?

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I applied to Tufts regular decision this year. I don't really have any questions relating to the admission process but I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to do an AMA (it really clears things up). I showed this to some other seniors who had questions.

It's unrelated but two things that drew me to Tufts were: 1) While on the tour and in the info session, Tufts students/staff/faculty said that they're a "quirky" group. I've never heard that before, as most colleges or universities try to pass themselves off as 'superior' to other schools. It was a refreshing self-description. 2) The student-run EMT service.