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One concern I have with this, especially when it comes to public perception, is that the amount of new cases is only really relevant when looking at how many tests are being performed...and that is a number that is not being given equal air-time. I'm worried that people see "oh, only 5 new cases in my city today...and there's 200 000 people here...we're doing great! This is getting better...maybe I'll go outside" but if they've only tested 20 people that day, that really skews things. Am I wrong in thinking that unless we're testing way more people, these numbers are not super relevant.

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Like most people, my anxiety surrounding this virus has been steadily ramping up over the last few months.

  • I read that it is airborne but I don't quite understand what that means. Does that mean "Don't leave the house because it's in the air" or does that mean "if someone breathes/sneezes/coughs near you, you'll be infected"

  • Is infection guaranteed? Is it like a game of tag...basically if you're in contact with it, you're 100% going to get it or is it possible that it will not be transmitted to you?

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Details pls

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I just read that whole site. I'm dying.

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It's on Spotify