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better known by his stage name Wolfgang Gartner, is a Grammy-nominated American house music producer and DJ

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lol. didn't even look at the name when i read that. why don't you return my texts? i have a fear of speaking on the telephone.

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I don't understand how other DJ's can go out and party and drink and wake up the next morning, get on the plane and make it to the next gig and play a good set. I tried it for a bit, . . . it didn't work out so well. Traveling takes so much out of you already, there's no room for any more battering of your immune system!

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yeah, but a million dollars ain't shit in 2014.

WolfgangGartnerMusic945 karma

yeah you know. medicinal herbs.

WolfgangGartnerMusic910 karma

I can't even listen to it anymore. Like, it will make me fear for the future of humanity if I listen to that top 10 these days.

WolfgangGartnerMusic862 karma

i think it's pretty much in line with everything else going on in "EDM" right now.

WolfgangGartnerMusic594 karma

lots of massages, spas, and other ways of relieving stress, herbal remedy type shit. but just to clarify there is no stress involved in making music. that relieves stress.

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hahahaha love ya dude. cats! send pictures.

WolfgangGartnerMusic536 karma

I'd produce a track with Quincy Jones and resurrect Freddie Mercury for the lead vocals.

WolfgangGartnerMusic505 karma

compression, mixdown, mastering, it's a combination of all the factors, there aren't really specific tricks. i do use a lot of very low volume / subliminal hi-hat / percussive noises to fill up the treble space organically though. maybe that's a tip.