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popeska642 karma

wooooolllllffffffff so excited for our last two shows this weekend!! also I got 2 new kitties I'll send you pictures

WolfgangGartnerMusic543 karma

hahahaha love ya dude. cats! send pictures.

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i know you and Deadmau5 have made a few tracks together both of which are amazing but what are your thoughts on his "button pushing" article?

Also I was at the Avalon around the time you released "Undertaker" and it was hands down the best display of visuals and DJing skills i have witnessed to date.

If any what do you think is lacking in the Los Angeles events? sound, visuals, capacity?

Cant wait to see you this weekend btw.

WolfgangGartnerMusic427 karma

1) i think he takes off his filter in interviews when everybody else leaves it on. If everybody else took it off, a lot more people would say controversial shit.

2) nothing lacking in LA - it's the Mecca of dance music in 2012

timmmmmm190 karma

This is one of my favorite pictures that you, or anyone has ever posted on facebook.

How do you feel about certain "festivities" your crowd tends to partake in?

WolfgangGartnerMusic396 karma

hahahaha, love that one. Festivities? I partook, for many years. Probably enough for 10 people for 10 lifetimes. And I had a great time. Eventually I stopped for various reasons and I still have a great time. But I don't regret any of it and I think it helped make me the person I am today so my attitude is let people have fun however they want to have fun. I've been there.

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Dat lead synth in the intro of "The Way It Was". How?

WolfgangGartnerMusic212 karma

secret family recipe. ;) i won't tell you the synth, and it doesn't really matter - just LOTS of very mild pitch automation on the lead. set the pitch bend to +1 / -1 and do quick little automations on certain notes. I play this all live and automate it live and tune it up in the DAW. It's basically just how Herbie Hancock or Chick Corea or Ohio Players did those "worm" leads, I've been doing it for years but I really took it a step further on that. Lots of really quick, minor pitch bends in just the right places.

Rocioyahre120 karma

What is the wildest or craziest thing you've done while performing? And how was the outcome or consequence after you did it?

WolfgangGartnerMusic388 karma

i probably shouldn't answer that for legal / professional reasons ;)

forbiscuit107 karma

What direction are you planning to take your music to? I know you want to make a new genre, but what's the goal; what barrier are you trying to penetrate?

WolfgangGartnerMusic159 karma

i don't even know the answer to that myself. it's all about experimentation and pushing myself

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WolfgangGartnerMusic158 karma

life lesson - never stop doing what you love. you could get locked up for 10 years and come out and still be successful at it if you love it enough and are good at it. (i didn't get locked up for 10 years just saying). not sure what inspired me - i was 11, it just looked fun. i wanted to have fun. :)

Andrewliciouss77 karma

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Where's your favorite place to perform?

Your favorite song?

Confession: totally jerked off to your set at EDC 2011!

WolfgangGartnerMusic241 karma

1) Freddy Mercury. On a whole song. And getting him on vocals. 4) TMI dude, TMI

empw69 karma


I have always been a huge fan of your music, from your deep house roots, to the bone crushing electro you are producing now.

A few questions:

  • Who was your favorite person to collaborate with?

  • What is your favorite song that you have written?

  • Who would you like to collaborate with?

  • If we were to look on your iPod, what music would we find?

  • Any shoutouts to underground artists?

  • What are your thoughts on the trap subgenre that has exploded overnight?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read these! I always love seeing you and will see you the next time you're in MD (Couldn't make it to the Loyola Show]!

WolfgangGartnerMusic183 karma

2) Love & War 4) mostly rap 6) i don't think i can handle anymore subgenre names anymore or my brain will explode.

WolfgangGartnerMusic68 karma

alright guys, this has been fun, they told me to cut it off at 4pm. i tried my best to answer as many as possible as thoroughly as possible. if your question didn't get answered, there's a REALLY good chance somebody else asked it, or something really similar, so look in my responses. Also, for anybody in the NYC / LA area I'll be playing shows there this weekend with HARD, here's a single link to both shows if you need it.

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I saw you at Sasquatch back in May and it was by far the greatest EDM concert i've ever been to, you made that place insane. When you played redline I was in heaven.

I follow you on twitter and Facebook and it seems like you are on the road traveling every night. Do you enjoy living on the road that much, or do you always look forward to being at home for longer periods of time.

WolfgangGartnerMusic71 karma

I like the gigs, I like to play. But I hate to travel. So yeah I'm always looking forward to my next rare period of being at home for a while. It's those 2 hours playing that makes all the traveling worth it. If it weren't such a great job I wouldn't be willing to put myself through all the bullshit.

CrustyRichardCheese50 karma

Hey man, can you give any insight into what it's like behind the scenes in the EDM world? Like, I imagine there is a lot of sex and drug use, and if that's the case, what is your view of it?

WolfgangGartnerMusic155 karma

Not as much drug use as people think. It's like everybody thinks DJs are flying around doing blow and pills every night, and there are a few who do, but the vast majority don't. You can't sustain this lifestyle like that. But sex? Yeah, there's a lot of that. I think sex and alcohol are the 2 vices of the DJs these days. But drugs have really become the audience's thing, most DJs who make it to the top wouldn't be there if they were doing loads of drugs.

Symphonize49 karma

Are you tired of the song Illmerica, or any other songs that you have produced? Also, what is your opinion on Levels?

WolfgangGartnerMusic112 karma

Not Illmerica really. If I get tired of it, I stop playing it. So if you come to a show and you don't hear _____, that means i got tired of it.

joedamadman45 karma

How involved are you in the lighting and video production of your shows?

WolfgangGartnerMusic173 karma

not at all. I already spend 100% of my time focusing on the music part. I don't have time to get involved with that stuff or it will take away from the music. I leave it to the guys who do that stuff best. Just do what you do best and let everybody else handle the rest. Hey that rhymed.

worldsbestuser43 karma

What genre/style of music do you think is going to be the next big thing in EDM? What direction do you see the scene moving in overall?

WolfgangGartnerMusic271 karma

genre / style? i have no clue. people seem to want stuff really hard now, it seems to be going in that direction. which ties into the scene - it's gotten so big now and that brings in the freak show, people are using all kinds of gimmicks and cheesy shit to try and appeal to crowds that they think are stupid - it's obvious they think the crowd is stupid because of the things they do to try and win them over. and it ties into this harder more headbanger-ish music. I hope the scene organically weeds out the clowns who are making a mockery of dance music. Right now it's like Gallagher and Carrot Top on full blast. And people need to change the channel to Louis C.K. or Chris Rock.

cezarncg200840 karma


WolfgangGartnerMusic69 karma

that's the ultimate goal and the hardest thing for any artist to do. and i think every artist is in a constant battle with standing out and being unique. i don't have a definitive answer for this one, just that it's one of the biggest challenges.

ChronicPains37 karma

What is the usual process that Wolfgang Gartner goes through to produce a song? Sit down, have a cup of tea, and start scribbling on a piece of paper?

What other artists out there do you suggest I give a listen who have a similar style to you?

What's your favorite food? Do you ever have any groupies? How does your equipment get brought around? SO MANY QUESTIONS, YET THE FEAR THAT HE WON'T ANSWER THEM ARISES.

WolfgangGartnerMusic40 karma

3a - sushi // 3c - i don't bring equipment, the club provides it. unless it's the rig (death star) in which case a trailer on a bus or a semi truck.

keeperdk36 karma

Do you enjoy any other styles of music other than electronic? If so, which ones?

WolfgangGartnerMusic57 karma


TheHeymaker35 karma

I saw two of your more recent festival shows on the west coast. (Sasquatch and Outside Lands). * How do you feel about playing these huge events as opposed to smaller venues? * How do you change your show depending on the size of the event and the crowd? * Do you prefer playing at EDM/rave festivals like Ultra, Hard, EDC, etc, or mixed-genre festivals like Sasquatch and Coachella? Thanks for doing an AMA, I fucking love your music.

WolfgangGartnerMusic65 karma

this is a great question. those 2 you mentioned were 2 of my favorite shows this year. Sasquatch was #1, hands down. And Outside Lands was in my top 5, probably closer to #2 or #3. I came to the conclusion this year that my best experiences have been at mixed-genre festivals. Some of my favorite shows this year were those two, Ottawa Blues Fest, and Osheaga Jazz Fest. Not exactly what you would call DJ-oriented festivals. But the crowds were some of the best I have ever played to in my life. I have no idea why. I've tried to speculate on why, I have a few theories but it's too much to go into and there's like 500 more questions to answer!

DancinDemon33 karma

How do you like working with deadmau5? Is there anything you guys have taught each other?

WolfgangGartnerMusic64 karma

I think we learned a lot of stuff from eachother on Animal Rights because we were in the studio together. Channel 42 we did back and forth remotely. We just learned each others methods and tricks and all that.

Syfoon29 karma

Percussion loops in original productions - yay or nay?

WolfgangGartnerMusic60 karma

it's not black and white. i usually only use loops that i've pre-made myself and only in the background to fill up space. but people do great things with a loop off a sample cd sometimes. there are no rules. i stopped having any moral opinion on the subject a while back. i just do my own thing which is start from scratch.

sonaris28 karma

Do you get pissed if people sample or bootleg remix your stuff?

Edit: Just left the question WG chose to answer; for clarity.

WolfgangGartnerMusic48 karma

3) I used to. It used to really get me. Now it has happened so much that I sorta stopped caring - because I realize nature takes its course. It either gets shut down for infringement, and if it doesn't, people who are sampling other dance artists and trying to claim its theirs never make it anywhere anyway. If you are doing that, you obviously don't have the talent to make it yourself and you won't get anywhere.

rich45426 karma

Hi Wolfgang! huge fan! What is your favourite native instrument software?

I've recently purchased Komplete and am loving Massive and FM8!

WolfgangGartnerMusic51 karma

guitar rig.

Thepappas26 karma

What's going on Wolfgang. Who was your favorite fellow producer to work with on any song thus far?

WolfgangGartnerMusic60 karma

probably mau5 for Animal Rights since we did it in the studio together, most of the other collaborations were over the internet so it's completely different

BIC3PS25 karma

How did you first start playing in the EDM community? I.E Clubs, parties, etc.

WolfgangGartnerMusic59 karma

in my hometown in California, my first club gig was 1998 when I was 16. I opened. It was all vinyl back then obviously. I trainwrecked horribly. Luckily only a handful of people were there to witness it. Then I got better and had a residency at the same club and headlined it on the big nights, and we played a lot of college house parties on the weekends - my friend would bring his turntables & mixer and we would set up wherever the party was, usually near the college, and just throw down until the cops came.

moranger23 karma

What inspired you to pursue electronic music? What sort of musical background do you have?

WolfgangGartnerMusic64 karma

about 10 years of classical piano training is the background. what inspired me? hearing the music for the first time.

Jovial_Gorilla20 karma

First of all, I’m your biggest fan and freaking STOKED that you’re doing this!

  • What do you do to stay inspired during your creative process?

  • How has the recent popularity of EDM in the United States affected your work?

  • What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you during the course of your work?

  • What advice would you give to any young artist of any medium?

  • What’s your favorite color?

I apologize in advance for piling on questions like that. I’m just a huge fan and always buy tickets to your shows whenever you’re in Southern California.

Confession: I stole a toy train when I was 5 and gave it back years later to my Kindergarten teacher. True story.

WolfgangGartnerMusic71 karma

1) i wish i knew. it comes and goes. basically when it comes, i just let my creative cycle dictate my life and take over. i turn off the phone, order pizza, sleep 3 hours a night, and get it in while the creativity is there, because once it's gone, i don't know when it will be back again. 2) it hasn't. 4) do it for love and strive for the benefits but always do it for love

i absolve you of your sins.

LoL_bsims19 karma

What's the best show you played/where and with what other djs?

WolfgangGartnerMusic58 karma

Sasquatch Festival this year in Washington State. I was on the only stage that had dance music, it's not a dance music festival really. I remember Fred Armisen (from SNL) and his co-star from Portlandia performed live standup on that same stage earlier in the day. I closed it out later that night. best show of my life. WEIRD. It's never the ones you think it's gonna be.

Finalwaltz16 karma

Who was your most influential artist as you were coming up as a developing artist?

And what is your favorite track that you've composed? I'd love to know :D.

WolfgangGartnerMusic42 karma

1) there wasn't one. and there were phases. from Ace of Base to Armand Van Helden to all the house stuff like Derrick Carter, Sneak, Strictly Rhythm, Henry Street, Paul Johnson, now I don't really have a most influential artist.
2) Love & War or Illmerica, tie.

itspixel14 karma

What is it like knowing that you are a huge inspiration to thousands upon thousands of people?

WolfgangGartnerMusic38 karma

I never really think about it. But it feels good to hear whenever somebody says it.

jordanbeff13 karma

what was the inspiration behind "The Devil's Den" with Skrillex? It is a very different song for you, and I would love to know what made you want to work with Skrillex, and create such a boss song.

WolfgangGartnerMusic20 karma

he sent me a really basic idea of a groove he had made, and that "devils den" vocal. asked me if I wanted to work on it with him. So I did. We went back and forth probably 5 times each adding stuff to it / making changes. it was a really even collaboration. sometimes it's lopsided but it was very 50/50.

ofinny12 karma

What advice do you have for kids who want to start doing what you're doing? Where's a good place to start? Where do you get your inspiration from?

WolfgangGartnerMusic29 karma

a computer and some plugins these days.

inspiration is more valuable than gold. if i could buy it i would be blowing the bank. i have no idea where it comes from.

cubikscubed11 karma

I've always wanted to say this: Congratulations on "Wolfgang's 5th Symphony" topping beatport in 2009!

Awesome track!

WolfgangGartnerMusic13 karma

thanks. :)

Alecohol10 karma

Was there a time in your career you were ready to quit and give up? If you were to quit then, where would you be now? Besides your fans, what keeps you going? I am producer and have been for a few years, what advice can you offer to keep going cause I feel like giving up time to time? Thank you for taking the time and have a good day.

WolfgangGartnerMusic30 karma

there were probably a hundred times where i was ready to quit pursuing it as a career, and many times where i did quit pursuing it as a career for a while. but i always did it for fun in my spare time. and it doesn't take much extra effort to post it on soundcloud after you made it right? so really if you're doing it for fun, it doesn't matter. then the chance is always there that it will become something more. for me it was just a matter of when i was mailing out demos and when i was too lazy or unmotivated to mail out demos. one time the demo got signed and here i am.

Oceanusmusic8 karma

What would you say the most important thing in getting your music out there is? What kinds of marketing, social networking, etc. I REALLY hope that I get to see one of your sets someday.. You're a boss!

WolfgangGartnerMusic28 karma

this is one of the most common questions i get. and i answer it the same way almost every time - stop thinking about how to get your music out there and just focus on making it better. there are A&R's who go LOOKING FOR YOU (like mine for Kindergarten), if your music is that good, they will find out, even if you just throw it up on soundcloud. stop thinking about marketing and just think about music. We take the old school approach to A&R'ing and go out into the world and find it, rather than waiting for it to come to us, and a lot of other labels do too. That's how you find the gold if you're a good talent scout. Because the demo in your inbox is in 30 other labels' inboxes too.

edmguru7 karma

Would you mind briefly stating your workflow? I know it's different for each track but do you work on a melody first? Drums?

WolfgangGartnerMusic10 karma

drums usually.

7443127 karma

Hi, what do you think about the growth of EDM in America and how it affects the music that is produced? I see examples of artists trying to please the majority at the expense of true quality music. Thoughts?

WolfgangGartnerMusic9 karma

It's a natural phenomenon when a style of art becomes popular. It was predictable. Look at rap music, look at all the changes its gone through and all the styles and sounds and artists that have come and gone since Sugar Hill Gang, from that to NWA to Biggie to Lil Wayne. Everybody has a different opinion on if that progression is a positive or negative one, and if some of those artists "ruined it" or were worse than others. It's all out there, pick and choose what you like and what you don't, but dance music is big now so the show will continue and it's a big show.

MuffDiving7 karma

First of all I just want to say I listen to your music everyday. Second of all I had no idea about you until bisco 10. My questions to you:

Top 5 influences? (music/art/culture whatever) When's the next time you will be spinning in NYC? Can I have your autograph XD?

WolfgangGartnerMusic10 karma

NYC - this Friday @ Terminal 5. Autograph, not sure if we're doing a meet & greet but i'll try

Official2m0554 karma

Hi Wolfgang! I LOVE your music; you’re my favorite artist of all time and a major inspiration to me! My questions to you are: 1- How old were you when you knew you wanted to make electronic music? 2- Does touring/concerts impede your music production?
Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

WolfgangGartnerMusic8 karma

1) 11 2) yes. but it also enhances my music production by giving me inspiration. So it reduces the amount of time I have at home to make music, but it makes the music that i DO make better. all in all it turns it into an extreme case of quality over quantity and me and my management are constantly aware of keeping the right balance between touring and production so that both sides are optimal and my creativity doesn't go dry but neither does my energy supply.

omgitsbounce3 karma

What's your favorite energy drink? And what's your favorite city to perform in thus far? Keep raging, and be sure to come back to Chicago!

WolfgangGartnerMusic5 karma

Monster absolute zero's. The purple ones. That's all I'll drink. No redbull or rockstar or anything else. City? can't say city. It all depends on the party. There could be a good party in any city.

melleejayne3 karma

THANK YOU FOR DOING AN AMA! Weekend in America is one of my favorite albums and awesome work on Love & War.

A lot of DJs have their own opinions about the dance music scene and how it has become incredibly mainstream. Your thoughts on the progression and do you see it becoming popular in the long run?

Also, every DJ has a radio show for some reason. Do you think you will ever have a radio show/podcast?


WolfgangGartnerMusic8 karma

radio show? maybe. but only the right one. I think the right one might pop up in the not too distant future too. see other replies for other question

airwolf4203 karma

Hey man! Can't put into words what a great producer you are. Every release you put out outruns the last, a real pleasure to listen to no matter what the mood.

I was wondering what advice you have for someone that would want to start seriously getting into EDM production?

WolfgangGartnerMusic3 karma

don't plan on being the next big thing in 2 years. that happens one in a million. be ready for it to take 10 or 15. and do it for fun. that way even if it doesn't turn into a career you'll always be having fun.