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known for his work as a regular on the American version of the improvisational comedy television series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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A unicorn with an undersized horn so it had to compensate for it in battle.

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I met everyone once I started doing the show. The other guys knew each other and worked together a lot but I was the new kid. The thing about being on Wliia was that it was always fresh because we didn't hang out, so the taping was a cool party. I think some people love the notion that we worked together and then went home to our four tier bunk bed to have improvised pillow fights.

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It was def Robin Williams. It was my dream to work with that guy. And to be able to improvise with him was amazing. I almost had a comedy stroke right on stage.

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The odd thing is, most of the drop dead funny people I know on camera are really quiet off camera. You'd never know Robin Williams or Drew was in the room if you didn't talk top them. I think stage is a way for the shy nerds to let it out. Same for me.

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The best thing I can say is don't try too hard. If the opportunity is there, it'll be easy. No one likes the tool who tries to out funny everyone 24-7. and read a lot. Just having a ton of trivia and literary references makes you better armed.

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The Chapelle Show idea came from Dave calling me up at my show and saying that he was a fan and wanted to do a sketch for his last show. I'd run into a couple of his writers and maybe I said that i thought that the Paul Mooney joke was stupid. So, I get this call and the next thing I know we're shooting this classic sketch. He and his writing partner came up with the training day thing and I did the part where the cop gets it.

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I appreciate you saying that

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What's up Redditors? Nice to meet you all and I'm going to do my best to get to all of your questions and have some fun with them. Hopefully, you'll learn a little more about me. Besides the obvious tv, music, or comedy stuff we can talk about my powers of telekinesis, martial arts prowess, and my tech savvy. Well, only the last one is true. I'm also a tech head. That's why I partnered with my buddy Greg (I was on Heroes and I act all the time on the TV) Grunberg, on his Yowza app. Now, I can add brother who just saved you a ton of cash this holiday season to my resume. Its a free app. Go get it and give it to your mom. Seriously. We've got over a million downloads already. And check me out on tour this Spring, with my show Makin' Shit Up. Now, let the answering begin. Happy Thanksgiving!

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All those guys guys are amazing to work with but NPH is my brother so....

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