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djangoroo1847 karma

If you could ride one animal into battle what would it be?

WayneBradyOfficial3517 karma

A unicorn with an undersized horn so it had to compensate for it in battle.

zachsullivan1784 karma

Hey Wayne! I went to see you perform in Atlanta in 2002, and I was fortunate enough to go back stage and meet you before the show. You were super kind, and one of the nicest people I'd ever met, and you took like 15 or 20 minutes to chat with me about improv before you went on. You really made a lasting impression on me, and I just wanted to say thanks.

WayneBradyOfficial1816 karma

I appreciate you saying that

WayneBradyOfficial1717 karma

What's up Redditors? Nice to meet you all and I'm going to do my best to get to all of your questions and have some fun with them. Hopefully, you'll learn a little more about me. Besides the obvious tv, music, or comedy stuff we can talk about my powers of telekinesis, martial arts prowess, and my tech savvy. Well, only the last one is true. I'm also a tech head. That's why I partnered with my buddy Greg (I was on Heroes and I act all the time on the TV) Grunberg, on his Yowza app. Now, I can add brother who just saved you a ton of cash this holiday season to my resume. Its a free app. Go get it and give it to your mom. Seriously. We've got over a million downloads already. And check me out on tour this Spring, with my show Makin' Shit Up. Now, let the answering begin. Happy Thanksgiving!

CycroStarcraft1699 karma

During the Whose Line days, it seemed like you, Ryan and Colin all had really great chemistry, that didn't quite translate to all of the various "fourth members". Were you three friends outside of the show, or was there just some natural chemistry that was there?

WayneBradyOfficial2574 karma

I met everyone once I started doing the show. The other guys knew each other and worked together a lot but I was the new kid. The thing about being on Wliia was that it was always fresh because we didn't hang out, so the taping was a cool party. I think some people love the notion that we worked together and then went home to our four tier bunk bed to have improvised pillow fights.

bopapocolypse1647 karma

Hey there Wayne. Thanks for doing this AMA.

Any stories you can share from your appearance on Chappelle's show? How did he pitch the idea? What was the shoot like, etc?

WayneBradyOfficial1901 karma

The Chapelle Show idea came from Dave calling me up at my show and saying that he was a fan and wanted to do a sketch for his last show. I'd run into a couple of his writers and maybe I said that i thought that the Paul Mooney joke was stupid. So, I get this call and the next thing I know we're shooting this classic sketch. He and his writing partner came up with the training day thing and I did the part where the cop gets it.

d-nj1106 karma

Followup question: Do you make Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X?

WayneBradyOfficial1435 karma


TheWeatherReport1553 karma

Wayne, who was your favorite guest to improv with on Whose Line?(Side note: My favorite was Robin Williams)

WayneBradyOfficial2259 karma

It was def Robin Williams. It was my dream to work with that guy. And to be able to improvise with him was amazing. I almost had a comedy stroke right on stage.

WayneBradyOfficial1256 karma

Hey people! Thanks for the questions. I know I couldn't get to them all and I apologize. It's interesting reading what some of you had to say...and a little frightening. I hope to do another one of these soon. Game show fans check out Let's Make A Deal on CBS daily, improv fans Improvaganza is back on GSN, $$$ fans save holiday cash with Yowza. It's free and Xmas is right around the corner, and music fansI've got a new cd coming in Feb/March. I appreciate you saying hi and follow me @waynebrady on Twitter. I'll be back for some more later. Happy Thanksgiving!

NinjaDiscoJesus1221 karma

Who is the funniest performer off camera you know?

WayneBradyOfficial2053 karma

The odd thing is, most of the drop dead funny people I know on camera are really quiet off camera. You'd never know Robin Williams or Drew was in the room if you didn't talk top them. I think stage is a way for the shy nerds to let it out. Same for me.

Room5591141 karma

I will never forget some of the skits from your Whose Line days. I was always amazing by your ability to improvise hilarious songs. DId you have a method that you stuck to? I mean, some of the themes were stupid hard and you always knocked it out. Thank you for those memories!

WayneBradyOfficial1322 karma

I'm a music nerd who is also a singer. It made it easy to do a lot of the styles thrown at me. Thanks for watchiong the show

aboondocksaint981 karma

What's the best improv tip you could offer for all of us here that wish we could be funny/witty on the fly?

WayneBradyOfficial1955 karma

The best thing I can say is don't try too hard. If the opportunity is there, it'll be easy. No one likes the tool who tries to out funny everyone 24-7. and read a lot. Just having a ton of trivia and literary references makes you better armed.

farcough187765 karma

What is it like working on HIMYM?

Do you have a favourite cast member/character?

WayneBradyOfficial1463 karma

All those guys guys are amazing to work with but NPH is my brother so....

TheOtherCumKing672 karma

This is probably the most excited I have been for an IAMA since I joined Reddit. I have been taking improv for the past few months and it has really had a huge impact on my life. I recently came across this video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cq1Ab-LLwXA) and it was really one of the most helpful things out there.

Anyways a couple of questions:

1) When people think of improv, the very first thing that they think of is Who’s Line is it Anyways. But as you mentioned in that video, the show was more focused on getting quick laughs than building a scene. While I’m a huge fan, do you think it acts as a good representation of what improv is?

2) Do you think improv will ever really get as popular as stand up? While you have comedians that get famous just by doing standup, you hardly see the same happening for improv. Usually they use their improv skills to complement an acting career. Why do you think improv hasn’t become as ‘mainstream’ as standup?

3) Your favourite form of long form improv?

WayneBradyOfficial751 karma

Wliia is a representation of comedic improv at a top level but not the skill buidling acting exercise. It is an acting tool to be honest and a great skill to develop. Its hard for people to become known for just improv i think because of the lack of predictability. Networks wont take a chance on it, and frankly most people aren't good at it. The people who are have it in their back pocket like a lot of the SNL guys, The Jane Lynches of the world, and other improv specific shows do get acclaim from it.

HannShotFirst499 karma

Hey Wayne. Big fan, you're great. Anyway, did you have a favorite "fourth man" on Whose Line? Someone who could play well off you, Colin and Ryan.

I'm partial to Greg Proops myself.

WayneBradyOfficial1093 karma

Proops is possibly the smartest man in this universe.

barenakedlad420 karma

Do you ever find it hard to be "on" all the time with the kinds of shows you've done? Like for Whose Line were you ever like "man, I've got nothing today don't call on me." or do ever find it hard to get enthusiastic on a show like Let's Make a Deal when some 60 year old woman is screaming and hugging you.

WayneBradyOfficial873 karma

Nope, while I'm on camera that's my job. You give that 100%. when I'm off camera, then it's shut down time.

southernnorthman344 karma

Why did you choose to get into television in the first place instead of become an accountant or something?

WayneBradyOfficial692 karma

Because I've been an actor since I was 16. Being onstage is the job i wanted to do and I never cared about being on tv. That was a lucky break for me. I love show business. Besides, trust me you dont want me doing your taxes.

shadowsaint343 karma

This gets asked on every one of you guys AMA...but...

To what god and what item do we have to sacrifice in order to bring Whose Line Is It Anyway back on the air?

What was it like working with Dave Chappell on your skit with him? It was really interesting to see you break the perceived notions of you.

WayneBradyOfficial385 karma

No plans for Wliia anytime soon but you never know! And like you said, perceived notion. I know now in life that you cant please evryone so i just do what i think is funny and if someone jumps onboard that's great. No one is ever really going to know you just because if you're on tv, its impossible.

OriginalJee311 karma

Which comedians do you most admire? Which comedians have you been inspired by in your own career?

WayneBradyOfficial737 karma

I like people who are more than just what they appear to be. Whoopie, Robin Williams, Steve Carell, John Leguizamo...all make you laugh but can take you on a ride emotionally as actors. That's what I like

ajhimmler289 karma

Hi Wayne I'm a huge fan of yours. Who is your favorite late night show comedian and why? ie. Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brian etc.

WayneBradyOfficial814 karma

Conan hands down! Smart is funny to me and he's the smartest out there.

Gabe_Dooders238 karma

Wayne!!! Did you have any sort of backlash from the more "family oriented" fans of yours after you did the Dave Chappelle skits? You rock by the way.

WayneBradyOfficial541 karma

Nope. I think a lot of people get that its possible to have more than just one dimension.

ev_n235 karma

Who has been the strangest contestent on Lets Make A Deal. BTW, huge fan of that show. You are a boss. You make that show work.

WayneBradyOfficial409 karma

Everyday there's someone who is stranger than the day before! lol! I've been pinched, grabbed, kissed, jumped on and tackled by contestants so in my book they're all strange but I love 'em!

jtyler998178 karma

Hey Wayne, Orlando native here, proud to have seen you perform at SAK Comedy Lab back in the day. Do you still keep up with anyone from the old crew, and have you been to the new location on Orange Ave?

WayneBradyOfficial227 karma

Glad you go Old School with me! Jonathan Mangum who I've worked with for years is a SAK alum and occasionally, I see David Russell. I'll always owe SAK for getting me started in improv and sketch.