Victoria Rae Black

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worked as a waitress and as a bartender prior to starting out in the adult entertainment industry in the summer of 2010 as a nude model for Playboy.

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100 duck sized horses for sure. I'd get a golf club and some steel-toes.

A horse sized duck is utterly terrifying....that's just plain fowl.

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That statement made me wet. Hot, Dirty, and clever.

EDIT: Added this to my tumblr. Good show, sir.

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Yes. I am very picky. I won't do gangbangs, I never do only blowjob scenes (because you get paid less and it's the same amount of work and you don't get fucked in return), I won't do anal, and I once turned down a scene where like 5 guys would come in my pussy and then I would drip it out into a cup and drink it.

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:) Awesome to hear, sir.

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Only in his Nick Fury costume and character. :)

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I love working with Chris Slater. The orgasms are....90% real. Size doesn't matter to me. Too big hurts. The only way you can be too small is if you're under 3 inches....but that is soooo rare. If that's you....learn to eat pussy like a boss!

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This is the best question set yet. Before I answer the questions I have to say that i agree with your findings. On-camera or casual sex is NOT the same or as meaningful as personal life sex. There was a period of adjustment for me with my boyfriend but once I let the walls down and let him in emotionally the sex became the most passionate I've ever had. Working with other men just makes me appreciate the sex my boyfriend and I have even more.

A) All of the above depending on the circumstance. As i said, with my boyfriend it is intimate and I feel the most vulnerable around him because it actually has my heart. At work it's business. When I'm single I've used sex as means of control for sure.

You need to not over-think casual sex. It is defined by its title "casual" it shouldn't matter if he'll be there emotionally the next day or be there to share moments with...that's what relationships are for. If you're horny for a dick, go get some. If you're horny but don't want to be exposed to the potential emotional pitfalls then masturbate away. I recommend a Hytachi.

B) Not really. I have it all pretty well thought out in my head. If i do something I've done it. Can't take it back and dwelling on regrets makes for an unhappy Victoria.

Thanks again for the amazing questions.

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Size matters ;) all depends on how big they are...but if it is the kind you get from the store, I can down 4-5 of those in one sitting.

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I know right? Insane.