Tyson Ritter

is an American singer-songwriter and occasional model and actor, best known as the lead singer and bassist of the rock band The All-American Rejects.

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Im excited to know we helped open the door for you to discover Beef Jerky.

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She's just a lovely gal and a fantastic talent. I didn't hate it one bit.

I played the Lion in the Wizard of Oz back in high school.... maybe i subconsciously projected that into a lyric...

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my little card would say: "i dont like peanut butter"

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Motion City Soundtrack... I love me some Canada!!

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I am Cillian Murphy, dont tell.

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I covered myself in glitter for some time. It was for sure the letter Z in my alphabet of weird..

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i responded to as many as i could!! i gotta go practice with the fellas now..thanks everyone for coming!

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I think that there was a moment when i was 18 that made me feel good. I came home from tour for Christmas and my father and grandfather both treated me with a new sort of pride. I was told that rock and roll was a "pipe dream" and to come home and not have to ask my old man for a couple bucks felt like i had at least made something of myself..

Now as artists we have more power and control of our music than ever.. I advise residencies in major cities. Play every shit hole, every VFW, Birthday party, bar, and track and field event you can. Fans make the music happen, make fans.

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Pixies-'hey' would be one

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Thats amazing!! well, call it luck or fate but we got noticed first because we played once a month at a college bar in our small town of Stillwater...at ages 14 and 16, ha! so we developed a following along with a drew barrymore child star drinking habbit... haha, kidding!! but the people came to see us, i dont know what makes something like that just happen...