Hello, I'm the lead singer of The All American Rejects by night, and a Professor of Mythology by day.

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PizzasarusRex359 karma

Hey Tyson, just wanted to thank you! Back in 2005 I took a girl to see your show in Cincinnati, and afterwords got my first BJ, couldn't of done it without you guys.

TysonRitter885 karma

Im excited to know we helped open the door for you to discover Beef Jerky.

Frajer116 karma

Hi Tyson what was it like kissing Emma Stone in the House Bunny?

Also in Gives You Hell it kind of sounds like you're saying "truth be told I'm lion", are you aware of that?

TysonRitter225 karma

She's just a lovely gal and a fantastic talent. I didn't hate it one bit.

I played the Lion in the Wizard of Oz back in high school.... maybe i subconsciously projected that into a lyric...

TysonRitter95 karma

i responded to as many as i could!! i gotta go practice with the fellas now..thanks everyone for coming!

NomadGorilla77 karma

When you opened for Blink 182 in 2009 in the Woodlands TX, what was painted across your chest?

TysonRitter115 karma

I covered myself in glitter for some time. It was for sure the letter Z in my alphabet of weird..

stueb74 karma

How did you start your band? As in, how did you begin to get noticed, and how did you piece together songs that your fans liked? By the way, I'm a huge fan, my family raised me listening to country music, and that was all I knew. But via a Bionicle commercial with move along as it's song when I was 7, I asked my dad to get the record that Move Along was on, and now I'm obsessed with your band.

TysonRitter87 karma

Thats amazing!! well, call it luck or fate but we got noticed first because we played once a month at a college bar in our small town of Stillwater...at ages 14 and 16, ha! so we developed a following along with a drew barrymore child star drinking habbit... haha, kidding!! but the people came to see us, i dont know what makes something like that just happen...

TheAbeLincoln72 karma

The music video for dirty little secret always makes me laugh, with all those messages on the cards.

What would your little card say?

TysonRitter143 karma


my little card would say: "i dont like peanut butter"

kate91poland51 karma

Hi Tyson. My English is not good. Why AAR aren't play in Poland? Here you have fans too.

TysonRitter64 karma

I have no idea. I'd love to play there!! send my love to our Polish fans for me!

NomadGorilla35 karma

During your travels, where have you found the best food?

TysonRitter69 karma

Italy is up there. France too

eastcoast70933 karma

Hi Tyson! Who is your favourite band you've toured with? Also what are your thoughts on Canada.

TysonRitter130 karma

Motion City Soundtrack... I love me some Canada!!

PizzasarusRex33 karma

You look incredibly similar to Cillian Murphy, how often do you get mistaken for him?

TysonRitter119 karma

I am Cillian Murphy, dont tell.

pittsburgfan1727 karma

Mr. Ritter, thank you very much for taking the time to do this, and for all the great music that you’ve made with All American Rejects. My questions are:

When did you realize that you had “made it”, and what did it feel like?

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians who want to make a career out of making music and touring?

Again, thank you.

TysonRitter92 karma

I think that there was a moment when i was 18 that made me feel good. I came home from tour for Christmas and my father and grandfather both treated me with a new sort of pride. I was told that rock and roll was a "pipe dream" and to come home and not have to ask my old man for a couple bucks felt like i had at least made something of myself..

Now as artists we have more power and control of our music than ever.. I advise residencies in major cities. Play every shit hole, every VFW, Birthday party, bar, and track and field event you can. Fans make the music happen, make fans.

ValerieFStewart25 karma

Have you given any thought as to what you're going to be dressing up as for the Halloween show in San Francisco?

TysonRitter50 karma

oh boy have we

StillEatingRamen25 karma

Hey Ty! First of all, I wanna say thanks for taking the time to do this. Totally random, but what is a question that you're sick of people/interviewers asking you? Also, I hope you have a swell day.

TysonRitter50 karma

"what's your dirty little secret" is one question that i have to restrain myself when i hear. just tacky and stupid really. especially after the millionth time.. have a swell day too!!

wolfikins19 karma

A friend of mine kissed you on stage in WA!

TysonRitter59 karma


Maverick171719 karma

How did you end up in The House Bunny and do you see yourself acting more in the future?

TysonRitter50 karma

totally random.. got an audition for Mr. Sandler and i guess it worked!!

I MAY try to act more.

lp060619 karma

what are some of the songs in your top 25 most played on your iPhone?

TysonRitter91 karma

Pixies-'hey' would be one

jazzberry7614 karma

What happened to the Bad Eggs EP and the other DVD you guys had footage for?

Thanks for being my favorite band since I was in 6th grade. I'm in college now and I still rock out to you all the time!

TysonRitter23 karma

no idea where the bad eggs thing went , Mike does..

Thanks for stickin with us so long!! It means the world, truly.

thereefa14 karma

Hey. Thank you for doing this AMA.

Where is your favorite place to travel? Or the best experience (or story) you have had while touring?

TysonRitter24 karma

I raced around Nimes, FR with a friend of mine and it felt like I was in some Roman empire and the whole kingdom was my front yard. Incredible parks, gardens, and this huge colosseum in the city center make this magical hideout an opiate for the romantic at heart..

bobzelfer659512 karma

Hey Tyson what's up? What's the song you like the most that you've written?

TysonRitter42 karma

there's a song on our new record Kids In The Street called 'heartbeat slowing down' that I am very proud of. Nick my guitarist and I penned that jam up in this quaint little cabin tucked into the woods of Maine.

chrissy213410 karma

Hey Tyson! What is your favorite song to perform? And will you guys be coming back to Pennsylvania anytime soon?? I'd really love to see you guys in concert, thanks! :)

TysonRitter29 karma

Ummm. I have been favoring a jam of ours called 'I wanna' lately... It gets pretty solitary out here. We'll be back to Pennsylvania soon im sure.

jazzberry7612 karma

Yes, please do come to Pennsylvania. We Pennsylvanians would be very happy.

TysonRitter13 karma

will do

Laura_Ganter10 karma

sup tyson, what was your favourite halloween costume you've worn in our lifetime?

TysonRitter53 karma

I did a dead Peter Pan and Tinkerbell combo with my ex a couple years ago and honestly, we looked killer!!! Totally ripped her wings off that night. hehe

kowcatz29 karma

Hi Tyson! <3 I still cant get over you making my dreams come true... how are you?

TysonRitter15 karma

You're sweet. I'm doing great!! thx

KennethJackson7 karma

Hey! Big fan here, what's your favourite song on the new album?

TysonRitter22 karma

Heartbeat Slowing Down, it's my baby.

mezzo19987 karma

How's the new tour and why arent you coming to FL??

TysonRitter12 karma

The tour is amazing and no idea

md40726 karma

out of all of the gods/goddesses/demi gods humans have made up in our collective mythologies who's your favorite and why?

TysonRitter21 karma

I don't know, but not Thor. That movie was weak

mili35 karma

Hey Tyson! 3 ?s Are y'all performing in Ventura, CA? If you are, is there a soundcheck there too?

How did you learn how to sing?

TysonRitter2 karma

no idea. i make it a point to not know where i'll be from one day to the next

osito_candela5 karma

Hi, Tyson! :) First off, let me mention that I saw AAR play a show in Missouri back in January and it was some of the most fun I’ve had at a show in a really long time!

My question would be what’s the best live band you’ve ever seen? Were there ever any concerts you had the chance to go to but regrettably missed out on?

TysonRitter16 karma

I saw The Cure play in front of 250 people a couple years back. 3 HOURS later, I was still in awe..

I never started going to concerts till i was playing them, but i've been fortunate enough to see some sweet ones..

edgeofparanoia5 karma

Hello Tyson spanish fans are looking forward to see you here again talking your imperfect spanish xoxo

TysonRitter22 karma

haha!! Gracias! i pride myself of knowing that i know very little?

SUSisyourleader4 karma

Hey Ty!

TysonRitter20 karma

'ello love!

sarahkoruya3 karma

Favourite song you played at the London show Blink-182 did this June? :)♥ I was there watching and singing along proudly <3

TysonRitter2 karma

Walk over Me was fun to play in front of the London crowd. we acted like animals during that one..

JustNuts2 karma

tyson i know you just got 14 comments in a matter of 10 seconds but im a really big fan of the song move along and for six years ive been trying to figure out the original chords to the piano break. would you be ever so kind to share them with me?

TysonRitter2 karma

That's a Nick Wheeler question... I play and write on the piano, but i alway have by ear...

janetvc992 karma

u must come back to new york we love u guys

TysonRitter2 karma

ok!!! thx!

neonturtlezz2 karma

do you guys like getting fan art?

TysonRitter2 karma

totally!!! we hang the good ones up in the bus.

mtaylor371 karma

whats your favorite city to play in? i was at the Boston show and what was it like being on the balcony railing!? that was crazyy!!! easily the best concert I've ever been to!

TysonRitter2 karma

Any of em really. I favor the upper east coast.