Travis William Tedford

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known for portraying Our Gang kid Spanky McFarland in the 1994 feature film The Little Rascals and for being the first Welch's "advertising-spokeskid" beginning in 1994 at age 5

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Never tasted. Dad had problems with it and eventually died from it in 2005. I decided I would rather not open Pandora's box.

WhatATravisT1508 karma

Money (not as much as you would think) and out of the Welch's commercials, i was awarded a shit ton of grape juice. I had diarrhea for months lol

WhatATravisT1483 karma

Your Dad made it.

WhatATravisT1135 karma

With one gf it did. Was with her for 2 years before she realized I wasn't porky.

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Interesting fact about me: I've never had a drink of alcohol in my life.

WhatATravisT742 karma

Sometimes they do, but sometimes I'm just that creepy guy that you can't figure out where you know me from 0.o

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Loved riding the water hose while being hooked to a crane. Ill never forget that.

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Yeah, their tag line was clever though:

"Spanky is selling Welch's grape juice in a whole new way...right from the shelves of wal-mart!"

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yes i do

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I'm sorry