Posted some verification to my fan page and twitter accounts. This is rather impromptu, but since little rascals made the front page...why the hell not?

UPDATE 10:04PM (Central) Still going! answering as fast as i can here and in the little rascals thread. Y'all are awesome.

**UPDATE 12:00AM (Central) You guys and gals have been great. I'm going to head to bed. If you have any other questions, post them to my facebook fanpage wall ( and I'll get to them asap tomorrow. Thank you for the laughs.

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WhatATravisT879 karma

Interesting fact about me: I've never had a drink of alcohol in my life.

ITCHY_Saggy_Ballsack236 karma

That's cool. I don't drink either, but at least I tasted them before. Did you at least taste alcohol before? What is your reason for not drinking?

WhatATravisT1532 karma

Never tasted. Dad had problems with it and eventually died from it in 2005. I decided I would rather not open Pandora's box.

yoyohobo665603 karma

I just wanted to let you know that my family calls me spanky because of you. Bastard.

WhatATravisT578 karma

I'm sorry

mitchelllamar522 karma

Do you currently get any royalties from being in this 90s cult classic of a movie?

WhatATravisT595 karma

yes i do

fkobbe386 karma

What did you get out of the movie like money, college fund, free Welch's products?

WhatATravisT1508 karma

Money (not as much as you would think) and out of the Welch's commercials, i was awarded a shit ton of grape juice. I had diarrhea for months lol

maxreverb371 karma

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

WhatATravisT1483 karma

Your Dad made it.

[deleted]353 karma


WhatATravisT551 karma

Haha I actually wasn't in that many scenes with her so it never annoyed me. Working with kids is tough though. It's like catching lightning in a bottle for a director.

blackhawk465119 karma

I felt that the best thing about Super 8 was the child acting. Any thoughts about the child actors in that movie?

WhatATravisT67 karma

Acting was some of the best I've seen.

admiralis337 karma

Clever username, Mr. What A Travesty.

I gotta ask. Why'd you take that picture of yourself wearing the walmart badge? It looks like you took it yourself, anyways. Was it just an update on where you were or something??

WhatATravisT512 karma

It was around 2007. I was 19 and I worked nights 10pm to 7am. I had just come in from working and thought I would post a new profile pic to MySpace. Tmz grabbed it when I did and the rest is history.

jeg101586313 karma

God damn TMZ, I'm not even a celebrity and I hate those assholes!

WhatATravisT688 karma

Yeah, their tag line was clever though:

"Spanky is selling Welch's grape juice in a whole new way...right from the shelves of wal-mart!"

jeg101586324 karma

lol I'm sorry, but that's pretty funny.

WhatATravisT461 karma

lol yeah it is

admiralis107 karma

Good ol' MySpace days. haha, and the night shifts suck man

WhatATravisT187 karma

yes they did. All that time is a fog in my head.

dmkk323 karma

never thought i'd be able to speak with you again!

we went to the same high school (JFK) but i dont think you stayed there for long. ended up interviewing you for the school newspaper.. so let me apologize for all the little rascal questions (about the movie and your co-stars lol)

WhatATravisT337 karma

Haha no problem! Glad to hear from you!

Btown3306 karma

Has this roll ever got you laid? How do you know?

WhatATravisT1135 karma

With one gf it did. Was with her for 2 years before she realized I wasn't porky.

WakeupNbakeup265 karma

What's your favorite memory during the filming?

WhatATravisT721 karma

Loved riding the water hose while being hooked to a crane. Ill never forget that.

Lapi234 karma

Do people recognize you?

WhatATravisT742 karma

Sometimes they do, but sometimes I'm just that creepy guy that you can't figure out where you know me from 0.o

poopingdicknipples231 karma

Who's your favorite Little Rascal? Was it Alfalfa, or was it Spanky ... sinner...

WhatATravisT243 karma

I miss him.

NilesCranee229 karma

does having been in the little rascals help in getting acting jobs now?

WhatATravisT528 karma

Actually quite the opposite. I was type casted pretty hard core and wasn't given a lot of roles because I looked too much like Spanky. That's why I never did any huge projects after little rascals.

Justascienceteacher228 karma

Did you go to school at Heather Glen in Garland, Texas? Your name sounds familiar.

WhatATravisT285 karma

Yes! I did!

type40darsit181 karma

Are you in touch with any of your former cast mates?

WhatATravisT349 karma

We keep in touch through social media every now and then, but most of us have gone our own way. They mostly still live in Cali or other states and I reside in Texas.

keepcalmandcarryon07126 karma

Where in Texas do you reside? (I live here too) And what do you do now, since that Walmart picture is old already?

WhatATravisT320 karma

Arlington, and im currently an inbound marketing specialist for a credit union. I control all their social media haha

PiNeApPlEkInG0119 karma

I go to school at UTA!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy

WhatATravisT278 karma

I'm going there in the spring Yaaaaaaaaaayyyy lol

Sidian73 karma

Why's that - aren't you happy in your current job? What are you going to study? Marketing?

WhatATravisT157 karma

Yep exactly

geek18048 karma

UNT checkin in... hi.

WhatATravisT79 karma

Had a girlfriend from UNT. Excellent school. Lol

Systemizer174 karma

How did that damn go kart work?

WhatATravisT172 karma

It was fully functional they just surrounded the body of it in common junkyard items

WhatATravisT173 karma

**UPDATE 12:00AM (Central) You guys and gals have been great. I'm going to head to bed. If you have any other questions, post them to my facebook fanpage wall ( and I'll get to them asap tomorrow. Thank you for the laughs.

KitchitiKipi164 karma

man, why isnt this ama ridiculously popular. it should have at least four million upvotes. we all GREW UP on this shit.

anyway, do you still keep in touch with any cast members?

WhatATravisT178 karma

I'm curious as to why it says it only has 1 upvote? Numerous friends have upvoted.

Iceitic85 karma

Because of the way reddit displays upvotes/downvotes on posts. It'll be a couple more hours for it to populate to show the proper ratio.

WhatATravisT271 karma

So basically this will front page while I'm asleep? Lol

ThisIsStatus161 karma

Someone who claims to have gone to high school with you had mentioned in The Little Rascals post, that many people didn't really know of your past while you were in high school. If this is true, around what age were you no longer "Spanky" and became just Travis Tedford?

WhatATravisT278 karma

When I moved back to Texas in 2002 I was really done with acting. I didn't tell anyone who i was unless recognized. After i made it to my senior year i figured out how to use the whole thing in a positive way, and it didn't haunt me anymore.

ExpertOnThisSubject121 karma

Could you elaborate on "using the whole thing in a positive way"? How?

WhatATravisT292 karma

Instead of running from the fact that I was spanky, I embraced it. Changing that feeling alone made me a more positive person which in turn increased my friendships with people.

ElderCunningham160 karma

What was it liked getting recognized in public as a kid?

WhatATravisT425 karma

Sometimes it was a lot of fun. Sometimes I just wanted to be left alone. One time a lady heard me talking as a child in a grocery store and ran from the next isle to grab a picture of me with her kids. Then one time I couldn't get to my elementary school classroom because kids were swarming me. It just got old after a while, but it's a burden you carry if you're lucky enough to have it. Regardless of what negative i experienced i was a lucky one.

megam4n133 karma

Halo Reach or Halo 4? and why

WhatATravisT400 karma

Halo 4. Campaign kicked ass and no armor lock.

PlumbersGrack106 karma

Whats your gamertag?

WhatATravisT352 karma


Waadap271 karma

Spanky could probably make racist remarks about my mom online, and I'd be otay with it.

WhatATravisT536 karma

I'm sure your mom is a classy lady.

lbskate54 karma

Any other games that spark your interest.. Borderlands 2, COD, Battle Toads?

WhatATravisT108 karma

COD is great but was a little old. I'll eventually pick up BO2 but for now my schedule only allows one nerd out on a game at a time.

WhatATravisT169 karma

also love deadspace games

ChipThaBlackBoy37 karma

Yeah, but that Promethean Vision... It has become my armor lock. I despise it.

WhatATravisT147 karma

Whenever you see someone trigger it on motion tracker, run opposite. It seems to me that half the strategy in that game is just knowing when to engage and when you sprint the other way dropping frags lol

Please_Disregard366 karma

I feel like these are words to live life by.

EDIT: I don't why I did this.

WhatATravisT172 karma

That's awesome! Have an upvote.

MIP2486116 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! When filming did you develop a crush on Darla at all?

WhatATravisT339 karma

Haha funny you should ask, she was the first girl I ever kissed

[deleted]114 karma


WhatATravisT293 karma

Not a minute of it.

coachhawley92 karma

Mother of God it is you....Im sorry I doubted....

edit: Im changing my question - How long did you keep acting until you decided to get out? What was the reason for changing careers?

WhatATravisT153 karma

I was active from 93 to 2002 then from 2010 to present. I got out so i could focus on school. I don't do much work now because I'm focussing on my career in marketing, and i don't want to leave Texas. I have too much family here currently.

ShorttStuff91 karma

I loved you as Loaf in "Slappy and the Stinkers"! My brother took the video tape when he moved out, I wish I had it on DVD. :( One of my faves from my childhood. "Weenie, weenie, weenie on a bun, bun, bun!"

Question: "Slappy and the Stinkers" and "The Little Rascals" were both childhood favorites of mine, although I enjoyed Slappy more. Which one did you have the most fun working on?

WhatATravisT139 karma

Little rascals took the cake because of the go-kart race. However, it's close because in SATS I worked with live sea lions.

Korbyzzle39 karma

Okay, only one mention of "Slappy and the Stinkers"? Did you get to fire the potato cannon?

WhatATravisT92 karma

Oh hell yes lol

darkshark2149 karma

WE NEED To KNOW? Welches or Newman's Own?

WhatATravisT300 karma

Newman's Own? Get that shit outta here.

jk it's tasty. Welch's FTW though

KattaSkrana56 karma

Do you still have that accent?... Source: I'm a Texan as well.

WhatATravisT131 karma

I still have it, although 7 years in California reduced it considerably.

Guess_My_Weight87 karma

How long have you been a redditor? I'd also like to let you know that when I was little, I watched the little rascals movie every night before I went to sleep. Good times.

WhatATravisT150 karma

I've been a redditor for about 3 months now. I just recently created this username for the purpose of doing an AMA.

tocamix9078 karma

Thanks for doing this!

Are you still working on your acting career or just focusing on your new one? (and I don't mean Walmart, I know you don't work there)

WhatATravisT207 karma

Currently I'm an inbound marketing specialist for a credit union in Texas. I enjoy marketing and really want a career that provides a steady income so that one day I can provide for a family. I love acting, but the lifestyle is hard.

[deleted]18 karma


WhatATravisT84 karma

Trinity Valley Community College then took a break because of some family issues i needed to attend to. Will be attending UT Arlington in the spring to finish bachelors in marketing.

zoestercoaster19 karma

Holy shit, reddit just got a whole lot smaller.

TVCC alum, attending UTD right now. :) I work at a credit union as well.

WhatATravisT38 karma

Boom! Nice!

rhinoscope74 karma

Can you please just say a quick hello to me? Or anything really. My family would die!

WhatATravisT250 karma

Hello and please no death of family.

Rampant_Durandal62 karma

How much, if any, improvisation did they allow the kids while making the film?

WhatATravisT177 karma

Quite a bit. The entire tutu dance scene was pretty much improvised.

polymatthew50 karma

What was it like being a child actor?

WhatATravisT196 karma

You can't tell life is different until you're older. You experience these once in a lifetime events but sometimes you miss the little things (like knowing the same kids throughout grade school.) My mom did an excellent job at making sure I was given as much of those normalities as she could. She kept me grounded and is totally the reason I am who I am today.

McOrtiz35 karma

At what age did you lose your virginity?

WhatATravisT70 karma


Rohtoh29 karma

BR or DMR?

WhatATravisT66 karma

Light rifle...then DMR

JonnieGoodboyTyler26 karma

What did you actually put in Alfalfas sandwich?

WhatATravisT35 karma

Potato chips