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is an American actor and comedian. He has appeared in many films, perhaps most notably True Lies. He was the host of The Best Damn Sports Show Period for four years.

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ask Seinfeld

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ask Jim Cameron..seriously ask him. We almost did it in 2001. Had a great script by Jeff Easton but it ended at the Twin Towers and we couldn't make terrorism funny at that time. We all would love to do this. I can't believe Arnold and I haven't done another movie since I'm his best co star ever (he's done like 18 movies with Sly..his nemesis!)

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obviously Roseanne already kicked my ass the worst. Jim Cameron says he cast me in True Lies because when Arnold left the room I said "I can take him". I wasn't trying to be funny it's just that guys size each other up incase the shit hits the fan. DMX is sweet and he's had a rough go but Jim Cameron is the man I'd least like to fight. He's 6'3" and absolutely not afraid of anything. I have seen him get in someone's face who screwed him over. He's fearless and that makes him dangerous in a fight. I just realized that I'm 54 and talking about fighting my 60 year old friends. This is sad:)

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"when it lands in the grand canyon" you really can't do that joke unless your ex-wife says you have a 3" penis on SNL

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I got arrested 7 times (3 drunk drivings) but didn't even consider 12 steps until 1986. It took me 3 years of on and off meetings to get one day Dec 10 1989. Haven't had a drink since or cocaine or meth but I did slip on pain meds in 2008 after 19 years of sobriety. I have a lot of support and am not afraid to ask for help usually (that's the key, there is help out there for all of us and these folks stay sober themselves by helping us..and we get to help others to keep us's great) My mom died young from alcoholism and it's in my genes. I've also had external issues (child abuse, family issues) that I'm sure contributed to my issues (I allowed them to contribute) Just had to realize that no bodies perfect and I never will be. I also look for gratitude every day around me. I still have an unhealthy fear of failure sometimes but having a son and knowing the long journey to get him and what a miracle this is makes me not go down as far as I used to. No matter what happened to me as a kid or my failed marriages I've been blessed and when I realize that I climb out of that funk. It's not about me anymore and I'm relieved!

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I heard John on Howard. I love John. When I joined Roseanne I came in as a writer and Roseanne's buddy. She was very unhappy. The pilot (which I did terrible audience warm up on) was amazing but the second episode sucked (that happens a lot) and she freaked. We hung out a bit with John and Lori Metcalf (amazing!!!) but my job was to take care of Rosey and her point of view on the show. She was battling the first producers on her own. I know they were friends of John's but they had to go. I had her back and the show's back in my opinion. John and I are big midwestern boys and there were some moments but that happens. I hope he realizes I was trying to make the show and his life better. It could've collapsed a couple times and I feel I kept it going by keeping the star and true creator going. I did make some mistakes. I didn't always handle things eloquently because I didn't understand how this work place could possibly be that different than the meat packing plant I'd worked in (it's not) but I took Roseanne's side not matter what. Eventually I learned to finesse a bit. I respected the new writers (many of them friends of mine from comedy) but there were moments and I knew John was pissed sometimes because he's mope and get extra hammered. I don't know if I'd be there actor I am without John Goodman. I learned watching him everyday and he is a genius. I also could not of had the control to make decisions without Roseanne's blessing. I did not come in and take over. I came in and helped her. Did some of the dirty work that happens usually and I think my presence made the show better. You can decide by watching the show when I was there and when I wasn't. BTW we all had a lot of fun down there. Very seldom after Season One were there big issues because by then everyone knew it was HER SHOW

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I did I also like that theatre because there a quote of mine on the floor with all these other famous quotes. The first time I saw them I was jealous and then I read "what's the exit strategy daddio" or whatever and I tried to remember what Bruce Willis movie that was from then I realized it was mine from True Lies and I squealed to my wife "that's MY quote, honey!" I do it every time we go there. it's annoying

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I really wanted to do it and discussed this with Howard Stern. he pointed out the pros and cons. I was nervous because she was in control and we have some terrible history but I'm glad I did it. It was a rare real TV moment.

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complicated talented woman

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I have not. He no longer lives in my hometown. I hope I never see him. He should hope the same