Spencer Nolan Rice

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is a Canadian writer, director, producer, and comedian. He was the co-star of Kenny vs. Spenny along with Kenny Hotz.

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Whoever is typing "What is your favourite episode" stop typing. Fuck, I have an FAQ on my website, ask something intelligent, please

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He's like the Brother I never wanted.

SpennySpenny267 karma

Kenny says: "He did, Single White Spenny."

SpennySpenny255 karma

You know, if this is the way this is going it's going to be very short. Kenny makes up all kinds of stuff. I will leave it up to, the reddit community, to decide what is true. I've lost track of Kenny's lies...

Kenny: "Spenny was recently arrested at Beth Shalom cemetary, he was found digging up his grandpa and fucking him."

Spenny: "Great, Necrophilia, Incest, all in one sentence, great."

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I don't know. As Lady Gaga says, I was born that way.

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Honestly 99.9% are nice and friendly. I've had maybe 2 bad experiences with Kenny fans. Sticks and stones.

Kenny: "It was his mom and dad"

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I'm currently on prescription medications. I don't drink like I used to. The answer is no, I don't have a drug problem.

Kenny: "One second, Vagisil is not a prescription drug."

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I don't really remember, I saw her once after the show and she had a boyfriend. That was a very long time ago, please don't ask that question again, I'm sick of it.

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Absolutely not. This is the guy who's obviously got a fake Wolfish account which I think is funny. You know I didn't pay him back because he harrassed me so much. I'm not paying him back, and I told him that several times. I'm sorry, but it was unbelievable.

Kenny: Basically Spenny is garbage.

Spenny: Basically yes

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Ok, this is important. Most of that stuff comes from teenagers whose brains are not fully mature. Not that I'm saying a bad thing, but I remember clearly doing things as a teenager that were shitty, but there wasn't an internet to broadcast on. So it's all good, be nice to each other, harri Krishna

Kenny: If you like Spenny you're a loser. Put a gun in your mouth.