Sean Morley

Sean Allen Morley is a Canadian professional wrestler better known by his ring name Val Venis, during his time with World Wrestling Federation, later known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

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Me on my second IC title run.

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WWE's support for CISPA and their continued prohibition of cannabis.

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Because I have no sense for fashion.

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John Wayne Bobbitt turned the lights out and Kai En Tai a hair. Bobbitt is one of the dumbest people I have ever met.

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High point was every night I wrestled. Low point was after successful shoulder surgery, getting physically addicted to the same pain meds that killed several of my friends including TEST.

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No, It was my bad. I should not have rode Matt so hard. Matt, Jeff, Shane and the rest of the Omega crew are actually quite cool. I was pissed about certain things but was uncalled for.

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Vince Russo

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Best feeling in the world....unless the guy moved.

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Batista is awesome. Love the guy. Morrison is simply one of the best athletes in the business but I always believed he would let Melina destroy his Career.