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Bugzzer65 karma

Not much to ask, just wanted to say your match with The Rock on '' Raw is Owen'' is one of my favourites, it takes nerves of steel to go out there and perform one night after losing a good friend.

ValVenisEnt67 karma

Thank you.

e-rage55 karma

So how did you recover from the "choppy choppy your pee-pee" incident with Kai En Tai?

ValVenisEnt110 karma

John Wayne Bobbitt turned the lights out and Kai En Tai a hair. Bobbitt is one of the dumbest people I have ever met.

ValVenisEnt14 karma

The lights went out. The jack ass missed.

randompaul147 karma

Favourite Intercontinental Champion of alltime?

ValVenisEnt173 karma


randompaul144 karma

2nd favorite?

ValVenisEnt346 karma

Me on my second IC title run.

jngshin45 karma

Just wanted to say your "Shaving Ryans Privates" skit with Ken Shamrock's "sister" is still one of my favorites to this day. You're the man

ValVenisEnt33 karma

I agree. Thank you.

ValVenisEnt33 karma

I plan on opening a Cannabis Vapor Lounge in the near future. My Vapor Lounge will feature different events every night. Comedy, music, UFC PPV's etc.

SmacSBU4 karma

Location? Also, thanks for answering the questions you have. I've been a fan for a very long time.

ValVenisEnt9 karma

Phoenix, AZ. Then I want to expand to every big city in the world. Kind of like Hard Rock Cafe.

spundred31 karma

I read you worked with CM Punk in his first tryout match for the WWE. What were your impressions of the guy back then?

ValVenisEnt71 karma

Honestly, it was a night off. Very easy to work.

bulletproof_tiger31 karma

When you get out of the shower and you have a towel around your waist, do you still take it off with a spin of the wrist? Please say yes.

ValVenisEnt41 karma

Of course I do.

bigjeffrey30 karma

Why did you wear white pants when you were in the Right To Censor?

ValVenisEnt121 karma

Because I have no sense for fashion.

lordmalifico29 karma

What was it like flying through the air with your signature move?

ValVenisEnt85 karma

Best feeling in the world....unless the guy moved.

KlirisChi29 karma

How did winning the European and IC titles feel for you, personally?

ValVenisEnt65 karma

Winning the IC title was awesome. European title was so so.

EbilInc28 karma


ValVenisEnt30 karma

Not any time soon. I did add my links. Is that what reddit means by proof?

EbilInc28 karma


ValVenisEnt28 karma

I would have fun doing color commentary but WWE would not hire me for that position and I would not go back even if they did until they change a couple of policies.

EbilInc12 karma


ValVenisEnt182 karma

WWE's support for CISPA and their continued prohibition of cannabis.

Insane_Overload20 karma

arent their hands tied with marijuana anyway because it is illegal?

ValVenisEnt58 karma

Nope. They do not suspend guys for cannabis use but they do fine them $2500 every time they test positive for THC.

ZoSoJake8828 karma

I remember when those Japanese were going to cut your weiner off with a samurai then the lights went out. Who wrote the script for that kind of stuff?

ValVenisEnt90 karma

Vince Russo

spundred25 karma

John Morrison. Melina. Batista.

What happened?

ValVenisEnt74 karma

Batista is awesome. Love the guy. Morrison is simply one of the best athletes in the business but I always believed he would let Melina destroy his Career.

KingTalkieTiki10 karma

Can you explain this?

ValVenisEnt22 karma

HAHAHAHA... I think this video explains it all.

Cardsfan153924 karma

Hey Val! Thanks for doing this AMA! What was your highest and lowest points during your tenor and the WWF/WWE?

ValVenisEnt108 karma

High point was every night I wrestled. Low point was after successful shoulder surgery, getting physically addicted to the same pain meds that killed several of my friends including TEST.

ValVenisEnt40 karma

Val Venis is from Las Vegas NV. Sean Morley Is Canadian

Jonnyred23 karma

How hard is life on the road, what do you think are the pros and cons of constant travel

ValVenisEnt41 karma

Its a hard life but certainly a lot of fun. The travel was cool for the first few years but sucked badly after I had kids.

Jonnyred11 karma

If you don't mind me asking, how do you deal with being away from your family for so many days

ValVenisEnt58 karma

I dont deal with it. Thats why I do not wrestle full time anymore.

bambinoquinn19 karma

Do you still have beef with Matt Hardy?

ValVenisEnt98 karma

No, It was my bad. I should not have rode Matt so hard. Matt, Jeff, Shane and the rest of the Omega crew are actually quite cool. I was pissed about certain things but was uncalled for.

GymLeaderXV18 karma

My friends & I were watching TNA Genesis 2010 the other day, and of course, you were on the card. You faced Christopher Daniels, but you already know that. The crowd ended up turning their back to you, and putting up a Cornette Face sign.

I actually have a screenshot:

Did you enjoy your time in TNA? I know you weren't there long, but just wondering. Did you think Hogan bringing in WWE guys, and having them go over TNA originals was a good idea? Just explaining the experience would be awesome.


ValVenisEnt28 karma

I did not agree with going over on C. Daniels. I was not going to do house shows and he was. He should have gone over but it was what it was. At the time my passion for the business was severely eroded and I really did not care. Never thought I would get to that point but I did.

doomer52917 karma

you say you dont play video games, not even ken griffey jr baseball in a shitty puerto rican hotel with dutch mantell?

ValVenisEnt15 karma

Hahahahaha.... WOW thats a blast from the past.

doomer5298 karma

worked wwc back 98-99. U came down for victor I believe. Ran into you after our WWC show, you came to that shit hotel and BS'ed with Dutch for a while. I was a greenhorn, just sat and listened to tales of the infamous Glamour Boys.

ValVenisEnt9 karma

Hahahaha, good times were had by all.

doomer5294 karma

I also agree with you that Shane Sewell was a huge influence. Learned a lot from him and had my best matches with him.

ValVenisEnt6 karma

Shane is hands down one of the very best workers in the world.

davidandsarah0816 karma

Edge was married to your sister when he cheated on her with Lita, how did that affect you? How did you feel about the WWE using the real life controversy for ratings?

ValVenisEnt53 karma

Edge was married to his second wife at the time. Not my sister. They are actually still friends.

BonoVoxGS13 karma

Who was the biggest asshole in the locker room?

ValVenisEnt30 karma

One asshole is my walking home entertainment center. But you will have to buy my upcoming book to learn who that is.

ZeratoPrime12 karma

Who was really supposed to be behind GTV?

ValVenisEnt38 karma

LOL, your guess is as good as mine. I was thinking Just Joe.

jimjamdetroit12 karma

What do you think about Glenn Jacobs potentially moving into politics? Do you think he has what it takes?

ValVenisEnt40 karma

ABSOLUTELY! Glen is a very principled libertarian who is unwavering in his convictions. He knows freedom and liberty and works hard to educate the masses. Glen is a student of Austrian Economics(as am I) and would make a phenomenal statesman.

RicsFlair11 karma

Did you get along with Vince Russo?

ValVenisEnt18 karma

Sure did.

justamania11 karma

Did you ever use "hello ladies" to try to pickup women?

ValVenisEnt22 karma

Only when there were multiple ladies in a group.

the_chandler10 karma

What's your favorite city to stop in while you're on tour and why?

ValVenisEnt50 karma

Amsterdam for obvious reasons. lol

imnotyourdadanymore10 karma

My 7 year old son wants to be a WWE star, given what you've seen in the industry, is this something I should support or should I subliminally send him in another direction?

ValVenisEnt43 karma

I would recommend finding another passion and pushing your son to make sure he has something to fall back on if wrestling does not work out.

galaxxxiz9 karma

What advice would you give to someone trying to make it to WWE?

ValVenisEnt26 karma

Balls to the walls....just be sure you have something to fall back on.

bpoff9 karma

In your opinion, what was your greatest match...who did you wrestle?

How's the WWE/WWF about taking care of long term medical issues caused by years of professional wrestling?

ValVenisEnt25 karma

I pay for my own private health insurance for any medical issues that may pop up.

atomicbolt3 karma

Aren't you a Canadian citizen, though? I know you probably live in the States now, but couldn't you come home and get some of that sweet free healthcare?

Or is it the type of complex/ongoing physical therapy issues that you'd rather shell out the cash and get the best specialized treatment in the States

ValVenisEnt44 karma

That sweet "free" healthcare in Canada is actually far more expensive than buying private insurance here in the states. But thanks to Tyrant Obama, that is quickly changing as he is destroying the healthcare system down here.

spundred9 karma

Do you continue to follow the product?

Who's working today that you enjoy?

ValVenisEnt16 karma

No. I have way to may other interests and goals. I love wrestling but my passion for it has been suppressed.

nathynwithay8 karma

Do you think your cage match with Rikishi gets the recognition it deserves?

ValVenisEnt15 karma

I always thought that cage match had great recognition.

Hooeylewis7 karma

Is there any one event that influenced you to become a Libertarian? Have you ever read any of Ayn rand's books and what are your opinions on them and her?

ValVenisEnt11 karma

Yes. Its a long story and I will reserve that one for my book. Ayn Rand is one of my favorite writers. Love her work. I have read Atlas Shrugged 3 times. Fountainhead was awesome as well.

Ruarsome7 karma

Who was the biggest influence on your career as a wrestler? And how many girls did the val venis character get you?

ValVenisEnt9 karma

Shane Sewell was a massive influence. Doc Dean, Kenta Koboshi are just to name a few.

sicapat7 karma

did pat patterson ever proposition you? Why isn't macho man in the hall of fame? Who was a bigger kiss ass; hhh or hbk?

ValVenisEnt25 karma

No. lol. Pat was always very professional. Pat is freaking hilarious and always made people laugh on a regular basis. He is also full of quality advice and suggestions. I do not not why Macho Man is not in the hall of fame. HHH or HBK do not need to be ass least not anymore.

Alpha-Pig7 karma

Do you ever worry that your outspoken stance on cannabis legalization will get your home raided and you thrown in jail?

ValVenisEnt27 karma

Yup, that thought does cross my mind every now and then. But I refuse to be silenced by the fear tactics of criminal law makers.

firstdown6 karma

hey sean. ever coming back home to canada?


ValVenisEnt6 karma

I will make a visit back to Canada in the next few months.

elgrimace6 karma

tell me your best road story

ValVenisEnt28 karma

You will have to buy my upcoming book for that one. hahaha

colorcollector6 karma

What's your favorite color?

ValVenisEnt26 karma

Why GREEN of course.

IG-8B6 karma

what was your favorite title that you won?

ValVenisEnt22 karma

IC title was ALWAYS my favorite title. Honored to have held it twice.

jiikim5 karma

Is there truth in the "razor blade" myth?

ValVenisEnt9 karma

Razor blade myth? not sure what you mean.

Jonnyred6 karma

I think he means do pro wrestlers cut them selves in the ring to make them selves bleed

ValVenisEnt17 karma

Yes. However, I am not a big fan of this action. I got cut enough the hard way. I did blade for some big matches but not very often.

robromero12035 karma

Do you watch wwe or tna? if so who and what do you like/dislike?

ValVenisEnt11 karma

No, I have other interests, passions and goals.

GooBerry5 karma

What was your experience like working with Eric Bischoff during his time as Raw GM?

ValVenisEnt14 karma

I dont care what anyone says about Bischoff. That guy changed the game and came very close to running WWE out of the business. Very smart business man. Yes he made mistakes but so has everyone.

ftbmynameis5 karma

What I never understood about wrestling is that some moves if they would actually execute them to hurt the opponent, they would instantly kill them I guess. So the whole thing is more of a show. But if it is a show.. what determines the winner of a fight??! Wrestling is not known in my country.. so could someone explain this to me? :)

ValVenisEnt22 karma

Think soap opera.

Hooeylewis5 karma

Thank you for answering my previous question. What is your opinion on Canada's political landscape and their major parties?

ValVenisEnt13 karma

The liberals and the conservatives are hacks for the Central Bank of Canada. Harper is a total fascist. I would love to see the Canadian Libertarian Party explode of the scene with nothing but Truth, Fact and Logic. The problem is Canada does not currently have that charismatic liberty loving statesman like Ron Paul here in the USA.

jinglyjangly885 karma

VAL! Huge WWE fan here! What's it like back stage? How do the "big" superstars behave?

ValVenisEnt12 karma

Thanks. I behaved the whole time I was active.

jinglyjangly885 karma

Haha way to answer my question in a totally PC way! My question wasn't meant to dig up dirt, though. I really wanted to know what the other wrestlers were like on a personal level.

ValVenisEnt19 karma

lol, everyone was very cool. Big heads don't last long unless its me. lol

HeartBreakKidKurt4 karma

Thoughts on the Big Valbowski name?

ValVenisEnt5 karma

There is only one.

nordic-thunder4 karma

do you/did you play any other sports? could you have played any other sport at a D-1 level?

ValVenisEnt9 karma

I have played lots of different sports. My main sports other that wrestling growing up however were Motocross racing and Freestyle skiing(Bumps and Ballet)

VojtechMartinek4 karma

Who was the worst worst wrestler you've ever had to work with?

ValVenisEnt7 karma

I have never worked with anyone who was horrible. Some just were never cut out for the job but we still had decent matches.

Tilx3 karma

Hey Val! What's your favorite video game or PC game? Have you ever sat down with friends and play as yourself in the wrestling games you've been in?

ValVenisEnt15 karma

I am not really a gamer. I do play WWE13 on wii against my daughter but she has that shit figured out and destroys me every single time. Cant download my character on Wii. And my daughter hid the instructions.

doobiewondersmoke3 karma

What are your favorite cannabis strains?

ValVenisEnt6 karma

White Widow, Blue dream, AK-47, Blueberry and Banana Kush, Sour Diesel, casey jones.

Boone893 karma

How do you feel about WWE being too 'PG' these days? Do you feel that you were lucky to be wrestling in the 'attitude era' when the industry was arguably at its best?

ValVenisEnt5 karma

Yes, the Attitude era was AWESOME!

keiran_macduff3 karma


ValVenisEnt3 karma

Thanks. Greatly appreciated.

EdwardBalls2 karma

Most painful move to take? Most painful and your favorite moves to dish out?

ValVenisEnt3 karma

The money shot is the most painful move to take and give.

darthseven2 karma

were you close to chris benoit?

ValVenisEnt2 karma

yup, i sure was.

drsfmd2 karma

Who was your favorite worker to travel with?

Who was the biggest asshole in the locker room?

How much your gimmick was developed by you, and how much by Creative?

ValVenisEnt4 karma

Fav worker to travel with: A-Train, Test and Chuck Palumbo

Biggest ass: Me

Vince McMahon thought of the character and I developed the Hello Ladies and the towel.

ThreeDimesDown2 karma

Why are you in a cubicle?

ValVenisEnt6 karma

It was my friend who works at the bank who showed me this whole reddit thing.

PhantomLordJD2 karma

You have any memories of the match you had with Ric Flair on a Sunday Night Heat? I remember tuning in just to see it and it was a fun match.

ValVenisEnt3 karma

Yup. I always wanted to work Flair on a PPV but was never given that opportunity.

EdgarsTeethAreDry2 karma

Did you prefer it when your character was really about the porn star shtick, or when you got to play more serious? I always liked the gimmick, but I also thought you were really good in that heel run in 2000 with Trish as your manager.

ValVenisEnt5 karma

Both characters were a lot of fun.

Herecomethedrums-2 karma

How much of wrestling is real and how much is fake?

ValVenisEnt25 karma

Its never fake enough

bigndfan175-9 karma

Are you a wrestler or do you just play the part of a wrestler on TV

ValVenisEnt6 karma


deadwood187187187-12 karma

Sean was a punkmark. The only reason he and trish had any heat was because they were both good at giving blow jobs. This mark wasn't even allowed into the real wrestler's chage room. He had to change beside kraft services because everyone hated him. You are a mark . You sucked cock to get anywhere

ValVenisEnt12 karma

Sorry I let the best part of you run down your mothers leg.