Sara Evans

Sara evans auditions for taylor swift video
is an American country singer and songwriter. For her entire career, she has been signed to RCA Records Nashville.

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I think my husband would have a problem with that

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There are many aspects of country music that are awesome. To me it's all about the lyrics really. I want a song that says something.

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I've always wanted to sing with Dwight Yoakam.

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Once a show started without me! There was miscommunication before the show and I was still walking from my bus to the stage and I heard my intro starting. I had to start singing Born to Fly from the parking lot as I'm walking in heels to the venue.

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Right now I'm covering Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man" in my concerts and I'm really enjoying it

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I think it would be amazing to sing with Ann Wilson from Heart and John Mayer

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Myself? haha

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I would love to come to Europe on tour but I'm going to Australia at the end of this month... maybe we could stop by France on the way home!!! ha

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Tough question! It's hard to name one as my favorite of all time but Sweet Dreams by Patsy Cline is definitely one of them

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